Last night in Whistler was the special screening of the film "Learning to Drown". This film is incredible and so is its impact. It resonates with so many people and it hit home for all those in attendance last night. Thank you Jess for the invite. It was a real honour to capture the evening and to see everyone who came out to support. -Rob Lemay

"Jess gave me everything she had in that interview. I needed to give it everything I had in return."

-Ben Knight

I’ve been battling a lot of things these past few years, most of them without anyone except my closest friends knowing about what was really going on. For a long time I projected this super hard and guarded persona because I was worried that I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a snowboarder if I showed any kind of weakness or vulnerability - I had seen girls get shot down for less.  

So being able to premiere this film in Whistler felt kind of like a rebirth for me. I’ve learned that there is so much strength in vulnerability. And being honest about our struggles. And I saw so many walls being broken down since we started showing this film to people. I’m not taking credit for this, just speaking to how powerful it can be to open up and show our true selves. The good stuff along with the bad.

I love seeing Mark on the big screen, he has the absolute coolest, most bad-ass spirit. I could feel him shining down on me last night. I loved seeing the shots where he shuttled me up, ran the winch, or just came to the spot for moral support - I was always trying to impress him. We all were. I’m incredibly humbled by everyone who came out to show their support. To have Ben Knight there meant more to me than I can even put into words. The fucking stars aligned for us to work on this together, I know it with all my heart. Biggest thanks to The North Face who made it all possible. The film will be online for free, January 14th for whoever needs to see it. -Jess Kimura

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