Liam Glass has never put on a pair of skis in his life. He went straight to snowboarding, growing up in Sibbald Flats an hour outside of Calgary, Liam was offered snowboard lessons in first grade and didn't look back. Respect.
Skateboarding and snowboarding came first for Liam, then came his fascination for cameras. Saving for his first camera in middle school, followed by photography classes in high school. Liam started shooting his friends shredding and skating and today he keeps progressing his craft alongside one of the most talented scenes in the country. We're thankful to have Liam in Alberta documenting the next wave of come ups and bringing shine to the rocky mountain streets.
Hubmbley Liam says, "I want to do justice to whatever I’m shooting. Without fail, I still miss a lot of things in the heat of the session. I'll see it after the fact when I’m looking at images on my computer and kick myself over it. I still feel like I have a lot to learn and try."
Look for Liam's images in the leading skate and snow rags around the world and follow him on the gram.

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Tanner Davidson, Back Tail, Calgary AB | 2019

Churches usually seem to be a bust and the people kicking us out don’t always seem to be as amiable as the values they preach. We showed up at this church, the parking lot was empty and it looked like the coast was clear. After being there for a while, a boarder (who shall remain unnamed for his sins) pulled in hoking his horn. We thought for sure our cover was blown. A pastor came out soon after confused with what we were doing but none the less tried to kick us out. I pointed out their sign that read: All are welcome. Surprisingly, that seemed to stump him and he went back inside without any further convincing.

Adam Franks, Dropdown Backlip, Crownest Pass AB | 2019

Sometimes I look at a photo and wonder what could have possessed someone to shoot it from that angle? What external factors am I not seeing here? Why the side view mirror of your car? Was it cold out, were they not feeling the spot, were they going to grab another beer? Nope, in this case I had a shovel dropped on my head and was trying to decide whether I should get stitches while holding snowball to my bleeding skull. Thankfully, it was only a tuffy.

Jack Lawrence, Switch Boardslide 270, Calgary AB | 2017

I don’t know that there is much of a story to this shot. Jack is one of the nicest guys and an absolute beast on a snowboard, dwarfing any spot he hits. This spot is less than ideal for apparent and not so apparent reasons. It had been cloudy all day and when the filmer Matt Bryson called last try, as he had to head to work, a bit of sunshine poked through just in time for Jack to stomp his trick. I think the ride away says it all.

Stefan Alvarez "Taco", Electrical Box Gap 5050, Calgary AB | 2019

This was one of those spots I pulled up to thinking there was no way it was going to line up. So, it's hard to find the motivation to want and get out and shovel at -26. The sentiment seemed to be shared by the rest of the crew, as we dragged our feet and cracked wise-ass remarks. Taco didn’t seem fazed by our lack of faith if anything it seemed to give him the motivation to want to do it more. Always happy to proven wrong on something like that.

JJ Westbury, Switch Blunt 270, Calgary AB | 2019

You can partially see this spot off one of the main roads in Calgary. I’ve heard people over the years speculate at the possibility of something hittable being there. It’s off the backside of a golf course bordering the river with no clear-cut route to access it. You can see all the trees on the other side of the bridge. That’s what both sides looked like which I think would have deterred %99 people thinking of exploring that far. The SRD crew spent an evening clearing trees and the next day building the landing. After years of people wondering about the spot and a week’s worth of hard work, a few seconds of footage made its way into Jj’s part. With no evidence of all the work that was put into making it happen. This experience made me watch snowboard parts differently.

Manu Calvo, Wallie to 5050, Rossland BC | 2019

During a trip through interior BC last year with BLP we wound up in Rossland for a couple of days. It was around 3 am when this session wrapped up and the crew decided they wanted to set something else up at the school. I decided to call it quits and headed in the direction I though our Airbnb was, which was only a couple minutes walk away from the school. What felt like forever (but apparently was only 30 minutes) I was sighted walking back in front of the school after taking myself on an unintentional sightseeing tour of Rossland. Safe to say, day drinking turned night drinking let the liquor win that round.

Manu Calvo, Boardslide, Creston BC | 2019

A decade and a half ago I was in this small interior BC town visiting family with my mom and brother. I must’ve been bored from the long drive and daydreaming about snowboarding when we passed by this school and spotted this rail. I made my mom pull over so I could get out and look at it. Not having a camera to take a picture or having gone street snowboarding before, I must’ve made a mental note of it. Somehow, years later I’m driving through town again and my spot senses start tingling. A quick detour from the highway we pull up to this school I scoped years ago.

Stefan Alvarez "Taco", Boarslide 270, Creston, BC | 2019

Kevin Beaudet, Frontside 180 Switch 5050 180 Out, Creston, BC | 2019

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