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Moments after the U•S•Open Slopestyle hardware had been handed out and while the podium was still sobering up from its champagne shower. We caught Mark McMorris outside the media scrum to talk about the tight men's final where a single point divided Red Gerrard's first place run from Mark's third-place run. Mark has taken results he wouldn't agree with before, it's all part of the game. Instead of dwelling on what could have been he's happy to have hit the podium (again) at the world's greatest snowboarding event. And he's already on to the next as this season is stacking up to be another beauty. Mark stood on the podium in every event he entered this season and now he's filming for a new show alongside his brother Craig and featuring Eero Ettala and Travis Rice.

You've won this event the past two year and three wasn't meant to be, unfortunately.

Oh, yeah. I have that all the time. With X games I've had it twice or three times where it's been two in a row and can't get the trizzle-peat, but I kind of thought I had it today to be honest. They just crushed me for flow which is kind of like, "Hm, I wonder why?" 'Cause I wasn't touching my hands all over the place. But, that's competition. I'm just stoked that I landed a good run and I'm happy with it. The rest is out of my hands, I need to remind myself that a lot of people work hard to get on the podium and I can't be bummed on third place, it's all good.

This year's been a different year for you all in all hasn't it? You had sugery at the start of the season-

This year has been hands-down the best year of my life. From how I felt in early January, I was like, "Am I done? Is this over?" My body just keeps shitting the bed. 'Cause that wasn't even from snowboarding, I just stood up at a signing in China and there was a golf ball sized lump in my knee. I did two weeks of rehab and everybody's saying "It's gonna get better." Then I went to Europe with Jake [Burton] to do shop visits and get some fun snowboarding in, Jake style, super mellow, and when I got back to LA I needed to go see my femur surgeon. Turns out I had a crazy muscle bursa over the top of the screws and the screws were coming loose. I had the surgery, all the metal taken out of my leg. Terrible timing. Snowskated two days, snowboarded once, didn't feel that great, went to the X Games and somehow won.

Pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

Yeah, it was like, the resurgence! I'm here. I didn't know if I'd win an X Games again, it's not easy.

Must not be, I haven't won one, and I'm all about easy.

[Laughs] Then Park City World Championships I got second, then I went on a filming trip to Helsinki and came here. I don't think this is the result I deserved, but I got on the podium. And now I'm off to AK and I'm healthy. I'm heading there with Travis [Rice] and Craig [McMorris] and this is shaping up to be the best season ever … that X Games win was easily my most memorable win. Last run, last guy. It was just the craziest feeling.

Mark at the USO in Vail, CO [o] Aaron Blatt

They don't get easier do they? Do you appreciate it more? You're a bit of a veteran now, which seems weird to say.

It just gets harder, man. These riders, "They just keep getting younger and I don't stay the same age." [Laughs]

How was Helsinki? People can expect to see some Mark McMorris street clips?

Finland was really good, we got a lot of good shots. It was a lot about the TV show aspect, so it's not like the first priority was getting as many shots as we can, but each set up worked. I walked away with four shots. We hit three features and I think Eero [Ettala] and Craig got the same or something … I had a good time and this show is shaping up. Like to be with Eero in the streets in Finland; him being a god. Going to AK with AK god Travis Rice. Then Aspen Snowmass for a park shoot where we're gonna invite as many Red Bull groms as we can. It's going to be good.
Eero Ettala owning the streets of Finland back in 2013

Cool. Where and when will people be able to watch this show?

ABC. Yeah, and World X Games. And if we collect as much footage as we hope to, we're gonna do a shred flick as well. That's the plan.

Awesome, awesome. Did I hear a rumor you might do the Big Air in Whistler over WSSF?

Yeah, I heard there's a crazy prize purse.

You have a home there, you might as well give it a shot, right?

Might as well. I'm stoked, that event used to be the pinnacle of events. Back in the day, West Beach Classic days and to do a big air at home? I'm looking really forward to that.

Hell yeah. Well nice work today, my friend. Safe travels.

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