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Photo: Ralph Damman

Interview by Evan Rissi

So Marty, what’s up? Who are you?

My name’s Martyn Vachon. I'm 19 years of age, born and raised in Oshawa, Ontario: otherwise known as the dirty Shwa. I weigh no more than 130 pounds, I'm small as shit, I've ridden at a small ski resort called Dagmar for as long as I could remember, I ride with Pocket Figures, and I'm right now in school for broadcasting and journalism.

Wow Oshawa, sorry to hear. Doesn't the slogan on the sign say, "Oshawa - Where Dreams Go to Die"?

Yea Oshawa has its ups and downs, it’s got a lot of crack heads, but if you’re in the right neighbourhood it ain’t so bad. And yeah, that’s why I'm trying to get out of here so I can make my dreams come true (Laughs).

Do you ever blame your parents for raising you there?

(Laughs) Nah, if I didn't live in Oshawa I wouldn't have started riding Dag, and I wouldn't have met all met all my friends I ride with. I don't even know if I would have started snowboarding. Who knows what I would have become without the dirty Shwa, there are much shittier places to live than Oshawa.

Martyn vachon 5050 180 out stetson 2015

50-50, 180 Out, Quebec. Photo: Matt Stetson

What are these dreams you're talking about? Two chicks at the same time, right?

Did I mention my first language is French? So sorry about that, and damn that really is the dream, but I think my odds are higher to win the lottery. But honestly, the dream is to be able to travel, do what I love, be near mountains and be with all the homies, wherever that is. And then, try and get two girls at once somewhere in-between.

That's okay, French is my first language too... it's a good thing ‘two chicks at the same time’ is the same in all languages - it's the sound of you high fiving your father.

(Laughs) True, I had a different idea as to what that meant but my dad will probably read this and have a good laugh.

What does the average 19 year old think about?

Girls, school debt, what the hell they’re gonna do for the rest of their lives and getting two girls at once, and I'm not talking about getting a high five from your dad.

Ever been in love, Marty?

In love, nah, but I'm single if any girls are reading this.

Are you competitive with your brother? Who's older?

No not at all, I feel like we push each other, we are trying to work together to make Pocket Figures as big as it possibly can be. He’s a little under two years older, he’s 21 right now.

Martyn vachon 50 fr 360 out stetson 2015

50-50 Frontside 360 Out. Photo: Matt Stetson

Was he bummed you got last part in that video and he didn't?

I don't think so, he edited the whole thing. He pushed me throughout the year; without him I probably wouldn't have had a part at all.

You snowboard in a Sandlot t-shirt... is that your favourite movie?

I wore it everyday last year and Sandlot is actually my favorite movie.

Respect, a 1993 classic. Which Sandlot character are you most like?

Always pictured myself as Smalls, the awkward kid who emerged from his shell. They made like three remakes of that movie, not one is nearly as good as the first.

Well that's always the case. It's a travesty when they remake classics... what other movies do you like?

Yeah I just found out this summer they made like five other Free Willy movies, what the fuck is that about? I just watched Nightcrawler last night, that dude’s messed up. I'm always down for Harry Potter. Emma Watson's a babe.

I don't believe that you love Harry Potter just for Emma Watson. You clearly love magic. How long have you wanted to be a magician?

Nope, the only reason I watched Harry Potter was because of Hermione Granger. Babe times two.

Martyn vachon gap to 5050 stetson 2015

Gap to 50-50. Photo: Matt Stetson

Snowboarding is your backup plan if they don't let you in the Magician's Guild, right?

Yeah and school is my back up, back up plan.

Do you want to be a card trick illusionist, or like death defying escape stunt guy?

Death defying escape stunts. Where the hell did Chris Angel go?

Is Chris Angel one of your role models, then?

(Laughs) Nah, that guy just went away, probably his last magic trick. How did we get so far off track talking about emo haircut magicians?

What do you mean? We're finally on track ... talking about your lifelong dream to become a magician. So you prefer David Blaine.

All I know about David Blaine is that he tried to rip his own heart out, must have been on some mean drugs when he thought of that trick.

Many consider that the greatest magician is Joseph Kony... he managed to disappear altogether. Are you familiar with his work?

Yeah, I can't say I really like that dude. #Kony2016

How come?

He's basically a Ugandan Adolf Hitler. He was able to brainwash thousands of Ugandan children to become his personal army.

Which is a pretty cool trick, isn't it? I mean, right?!

I don't know if cool is the right term, pretty insane how he was able to do that though.

Like I said, a daring and groundbreaking magician. But, say if this whole magic thing falls through... Who do you ride for?

I have recently made the switch to Capita, Union, ThirtyTwo, and Salmon Arms. Shout out to Rob Madill and Matt Deer.

And they're cool with you snowboarding part-time while you chase your dreams?

Being able to snowboard full time is the actual dream.

The “actual dream” should the magic thing fall through, yeah. But let's try and think positive.

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