​I don’t know if everyone feels the same about the end of the winter, but I can say that for my friends and I, we’re usually pretty stoked that it eventually comes to an end. If you are from Quebec, or a place with similar climate, you know having snow in the streets from mid-November to mid-April can be exhausting. As much as we are excited in November, everybody has the same thing to say in April: “Is it f*cking summer yet?" It’s the cold temperatures. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the snowboarding that we’re tired of. Man, we could ride spring laps forever. And that is exactly why as soon as we are done boarding for the winter, we’re already thinking about boarding in the summer.

​With recent rumours circling and global warming increasing, who knows for how long we’ll be able to enjoy decent glacier riding from June to August? So, when the opportunity presented itself, we couldn’t pass. After some dreaming, emailing and some credit line boosting, Seb Picard, Anthony Drolet, Frank Bélanger and myself were all set for our summer migration to one of the best places to snowboard in the summer, Mount Hood, OR.

Here’s a couple of mandatory stops we did on our 48-hour road trip from Quebec City to Oregon, from sightseeing to camping, to boarding.
A huge thanks to everyone at Salomon Snowboards for letting us document this journey and making it happen.

Words and Photos | Joseph Roby

After 36 hours of driving without a real break, we stopped in Salt Lake for a day. Quebec City has the Red (Grey) Ledge, and Salt Lake has Olympus park, world-renowned as the “Rail Garden”. An early morning walk in the park dreaming about snow, I guess we'd call this snowboard tourism.
If you’re making the trip, you have to find a moment to hit the Oregon coast. Surfing, camping, and even crab fishing. For a couple of years now, Kelly’s Brighton Marina has been the spot to camp for almost every boarder hitting the coast. Cheap camping spot by the sea on Nehalem Bay, passionate owners and only an hour and a half away from Portland. We were lucky enough to go crabbing with no other than the legendary Kelly, showing us how it’s done and had the chance to eat what I could call the “best crab I've ever had”.
Every town has its own skate park around Oregon. First day on hill was cancel due to bad weather on Timberline, so the whole Salomon crew cruised to Odell park. Slappys, bumps, and Bode Merrill back tail on the curb.

Then, no doubt we got some crazy boarding up on the glacier. Here’s the Salomon Canadian team, along with fellow international members of this all-time crew.

Frank Bélanger, Gap BS 180
Finn Westbury, FS Invert
Seb Picard, BS 180
Seb Picard and Finn Westbury
Half-Canadian Harrison Gordon, jibbing the volcano
Louif Paradis, FS 360
Finn Westbury, Eagle shifty
Frank Bélanger, Blunt 270
Bode Merrill, FS 720
The best host in town, Jeff Holce, Gap to Lipslide
Toni Kerkela, Ninja Kick
Classic parking lot après
Then, if you’re still not satisfied with the boarding you had during the day, you can always hit the dry slope at Windells! 100% fun guarantee, ask Louif about it. The guy is just too good, hitting rails even in skate shoes. You might prefer the actual skate park though.
If you’re more into a cool dip, and not into super touristic places like Trillium lake, try to find this secret beach in Sandy. I’ll give you a hint, Dodge park.
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