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Nate is an interesting character. He’s big-hearted, intelligent, and great at what he does. However, he's kind of a space cadet sometimes, too. I once heard him described by a girl, who said to another girl, "He's kind of like an airheady girl, you know?" Nate's appreciation of all things snowboard-filmy is paralleled only by his enthusiasm for helping others and also making guacamole. So similar are the potencies of these Nate qualities that, often times, people confuse them, even in broad daylight. What happens when this confusion occurs? We're not allowed to say but, oh my god, it's a bewildering event for all. Nate is a prince amongst men, a steadfast consumer of chocolate, three pounds at a time, and an experienced saltwater soaker of expensive electronics. To those on Vancouver Island, he is known as Naké. His knowledge of the history and the process of snowboarding film production can be a gift to future generations, if only they learn of his home address and equip themselves with growlers of Tuff Session Ale. For now, his words here will do. Revel in their danger!

—The Man Boys

Top 10 Video Parts

1. JP Walker, Shakedown

2. Mark Sollors, Burton re-edit from In Color

3. Lukas Huffman, Back in Black

4. Jason Robinson, Pretty Wise

5. Devun Walsh, THAT

6. John Jackson, Forum or Against ‘Em

7. David Benedek, LAME

8. Eric Jackson, Good Look

9. Mikkel Bang, BURTON 13

10. Pat Moore, Vacation

Top 10 Tricks

1. JP Walker: Frontside 900 Double-Cork


2. Mark Sollors: Cab 540 Crevasse Gap

In Color

3. Mikey Rencz: Frontside 1080 Double-Cork

Perfect Jump, X Games Real Snow Part

4. Trevor Andrew: Backside 180 Hurley Gap

Wear It Well

5. John Jackson: Backside 1080 Double-Cork

The Art of Flight

6. Devun Walsh: Switch Backside 540 Mother


7. Travis Parker: Backside Rodeo 1080


8. Louif Paradis: Boardslide Transfer Boardslide

Shoot The Moon

9. Andreas Wiig: Backside Rodeo Tahoe Stepdown

Follow Me Around

10. Eric Jackson: Frontside 360 E-Jack Hip

Good Look

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