Photo: Darrell Mathes

When the snow falls here in the city, I often look out the window and think a couple things. First, I’m definitely not waking up to ride powder tomorrow ‘cause, well, I’m in Brooklyn. Second, I will soon get to watch some sort of new Tanner Pendleton web video. The dad just knows how to shoot and edit a quality display of snowboarding, and his passion for his craft shows. There’s more to it than just being able to press the buttons and pan. The inspiration has to come from somewhere and these lists contribute to the inner workings of the Pendleton brain functionality. These inspirations, combined with living in NYC, surrounded by constant stimulation, result in what you see in his productions. We all started hanging with Tanner a few years back when we landed in the same zone in Brooklyn, and we’ve consistently been trying to steal him away from the board world, but to no avail. As long as he’s producing this quality of work at the top of the game, I’m sure we’ll all keep watching. —Eddie Grams

TOP TEN PARTS         

Jeff Anderson, Happy Hour

Scott Stevens, Stack Footy

Chris Grenier, It Ain’t Easy

Shane Flood, Full Metal Edges

Scotty Wittlake, Happy Hour

Louif Paradis, Bandwagon

Mikey Leblanc, Burning Bridges

The Alaska segment, Afterlame

Kevin Jones, Stand and Deliver

Louif Paradis, These Days


Gigi Ruf, Butter over the old car in Happy Hour

Travis Parker, Laid out Double Backflip to aggressive ragdoll slam in Lame

Andrew Mutty, 50-50 on a kink ledge in Massachusetts. He drops in from a

ramp he built off the roof of his Audi!

Jeff Anderson, Every trick in his Happy Hour part

Kyle Clancy, Backside 720 Shifty Poke in Night of the Living Shred

Scotty Wittlake, Double Boardslide on the massive rail in Tahoe in Happy Hour

Mikey Leblanc, Every Front Lip he’s ever done

J2 and Justin Bennee, Riding the rainbow tree in Love/Hate

Louif Paradis, Backside 270 to Fakie in These Days

Louie Fountain, Cab 9 follow-cam by Scotty Wittlake in Afterbang

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