Nic is one of the newer additions to The Bruners crew, and if you've seen any of his previous parts, it's obvious why we wanted to have him be part of the squad. When we were younger, Nic lived a long way from St-Bruno, so we didn't get the chance to grow up riding together, but we would always cross paths through the contest scene in Quebec. He was always pretty shy, so he let his riding do the talking. He has a creative spark that allows new ideas to constantly flow, and it inspires everyone to do the same. He is an amazing boarder, and he definitely knows how to party, which is why he is a perfect fit. —Julien Choiniere, Filmer & Editor, The Bruners Video 2

You grew up filming in Chicoutimi. Every winter, crews from around the world seem to travel there to film. Do you think that this place is now played out? Do you have secret spots nobody knows about?

Every season, I see really sick clips that have been filmed in Chicoutimi, so I wouldn't say it's played out. It's definitely harder to film there than in a city where not as many people have been to film, but you just have to be creative and spend a lot of time scoping for new spots. I used to know a lot of secret spots, but not anymore.

You went to school full time while filming for this year's project. Was it more frustrating or rewarding knowing you put half your energy into both projects?

I would say both. It was rewarding when I would go on a really short trip and end up getting clips. It was frustrating when I had to go back home for school and didn't have enough time to get the clips I wanted. The worst part was not knowing if I would get the chance to go back and try again for a missed clip during the season. That, and missing trips.

People say you're a genius when it comes to street snowboarding ideas. Where do these ideas come from?

I like to do things that have never been done. I get most of my ideas scoping around or watching videos. Most of the time, I have trick ideas but I don't have spots for them, so I just scope around to find the right spots. Landing a trick you had in mind for a long time is definitely the best feeling.

MJ, [o] Eric Lamothe

What life lesson has snowboarding taught you?

Do what you love!

You guys seem to party a lot on your trips, who is the biggest party animal? Any funny stories?

We're a really close group of friends and I think that's a reason we seem to party a lot together. I'd have to say our filmer, Ju, is probably the biggest party animal [laughs]. He still makes everything happen, though. During our spring trip last season, we partied one night and the next morning, and it was really nice outside. We were kinda' unsure if we were going to film that day, so Ju decided to have a couple drinks with Mas [Marc-Andre Seguin] at the apartment. We ended up filming that day. When I started riding, he was sitting down and falling asleep between tries. We gave up because it wasn't working, and when we left, he thought we were leaving because I didn't have enough speed to land the trick [laughs].

Backside 50-50, Frontside 180 [o] Eric Lamothe

How do you see yourself in snowboarding in the future?

For now, I would like to keep filming parts in the streets for sure. In the future, I'd like to travel a bit more to ride powder. It's something I wish I could do more, but it's really hard when you live in Quebec.

Any shout-outs?

Big thanks to Sean and Jeff at Dinosaurs Will Die, Jason at Fix bindings, Alex and Mick at Homies boardshop, Gab Bélanger, The Bruners, my friends and family.

“Landing a trick you had in mind for a long time is definitely the best feeling.”

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