Whistler was blessed with another Oakley Week as the 4th annual affair brought Prizm-like clarity to a festival-esque week of boarding, bonding, and partying with the best eyewear team in the business.

Whistler Village [o] Chad Chomlack

The inclusive engagement had the masses seeing and believing the power of Oakley Prizm with lens testing stations in the village and at the top of both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Nothing will ruin a day faster than a pair of lousy goggles and Oakley was there to make sure you were sorted. We were lucky enough to test the new persimmon Prizm lens and next year's new Mod 1 helmet. A perfect combo for any variable condition day.

Dumping a foot of snow on Blackcomb in a Prizm lens paradise [o] Chad Chomlack

Golden Tickets were hidden all over Whistler. And if you follow @whistlerbalckcomb and @oakleysnowboarding you were given clues as to where they could be found. Those lucky enough follow the breadcrumbs were rewarded with a bag full of Oakley goggles, sunglasses and gear.

The Pro Shoot went down on Blackcomb under sunny skies. The open session made it easy to watch or join the Oakley squad doing their thing. The session including Olympic gold medal winners Jamie Anderson, Seb Toutant and Stale Sandbech, Charles Reid with come ups, Jadyn Chomlack and Finn Finestone.

Style king, Stale Sandbech [o] Chad Chomlack
Kicker Queen, Jamie Anderson [o] Chad Chomlack
Sending it sideways, Jadyn Chomlack [o] Chad Chomlack

Maxx Fish is it. Thursday night Oakley kicked off the week in a party that's been raging in the underground for decades. The team ventured into the darkness to be welcomed by fans with a flurry of selfies and shots. the Whistler locals loved seeing their heroes mixing it up with the party people.

Sean Pettit's Snake Run is something every mountain should consider building. This boardercross inspired banked-beast was a twisting and turning freestyle serpent. Peppered with gaps, jumps, rails and a hip before spilling into the halfpipe. Easily one of the greater things we've seen on the mountain and it was open to the public to gang up and party lap throughout the week. Left turns, right turns, a little air time, and smiles for days.

Party laps w/ Sean Pettit, Jadyn Chomlack, Seb Toots and Gimbal God [o] Chad Chomlack
Stale leads the pack [o] Chad Chomlack

The cherry at the top of the week-long celebration was a day of heliboarding that tasted bittersweet for half the crew. One heli took off to a steep and deep day of boarding, while this side of the coin got grounded in a helicopter with mechanical issues. Cue the sound of a sad trombone and hashtag #firstworldproblems as Jamie Anderson, Seb Toots, Sean Pettit and our crew at King Snow all missed out on fun like this.


Oakley killed it as always. Bringing pros and product to the people in a party-boarding atmosphere that celebrated snowboard passion and game-changing technology. Follow @Oakley @OakelySnowboarding and @whistlerblackcomb for more.

Jamie Anderson [o] Chad Chomlack
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