We ventured to the Blackcomb Glacier and talked with strangers to get the good word on gear, brands, riders and crews. This is the PUBLIC OPINION.

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Emilia Pelchat | Whistler, BC | 9 Years Old

Who do you think makes the best snowboards out there?

I think Burton makes the best snowboards.

And why do you say that?

They're very flexible and, yeah, I like them.

Which board do you ride?

I ride Burton.

Which model? Do you know?


And what about boots?

Thirtytwo. ‘Cause they fit really good.

Who do you think makes the best bindings?


Who’s your favourite snowboarder?

My dad, JF Pelchat.

Obviously, and who do you think has the best snowboard team?

Full Moon is the best crew… Yeah. And the Wildcats. Yep.

Indiana Wilson | Whistler, BC | 13 Years Old

Who do you think makes the best snowboards out there?

I think CAPiTA makes the best snowboards. They're a pretty dope brand. They've got all the best riders. Some solid technology going down.

What about bindings?

Binding? Now bindings are pretty sick. They hold my feet to my board really nice.

What's your favourite brand out there?

So many options… Volcom. Volcom is a pretty dope brand. They've got lots of nice stuff. Keeps the rain off my back.

Who do you think has the best team in snowboarding?

DC has a really dope crew. Torstein Horgmo is really hype.

And who's your favourite snowboarder?

Probably Mike Ciccarelli. I've met him a couple times. He's a really chill dude. Got the tricks to pay the bills.

Lucas Kirschner | Wakefield, Que. | 20 Years Old

Who is making the best snowboards?

These days, Dinosaurs Will Die. They always represent.

Why do you say that?

They support good riders. They got some sick dudes on their team. They got some sweet gear, some nice colourful graphics.


Vans always got good boots.

Is that what you're riding right now?

Nah, I'm riding some Adidas Sambas, but only because they're secondhand, pretty cheap.

Alright, and what about bindings?

Union always makes some good bindings.

Who do you think has the best team in snowboarding these days?

Team in snowboarding? Ah, truth. Vans always got a heavy team.

Do you have a favorite brand?

I got to go for Dinos again, Dinosaurs Will Die.

Paxon Alexander | Salt Lake City, Utah | 23 Years Old

Who do you think is making the best boards?

I ride DC snowboards and they're super quality. Never snapped one, they're really awesome. They got a board for every kind of riding.

What model are you riding?

I ride Mega. It's like an old mountain, can go in the park as well. It's stiff, it's flexy, it's got pop.

Nice. What about boots?

I ride for DC boots as well. They're awesome. The Lynx: super comfy, soft. I love them. 

Do you have a favourite snowboarder these days?

Got a few favourite snowboarders. Halldor Helgason of course, always ripping. Scott Stevens is always doing new stuff and then Lucas Magoon is just an OG.


Shane Hunter | North Vancouver, BC | 16 Years Old

Who do you think makes the best snowboards?

I just moved to a Ride board just 'cause I like them.

What Ride board are you riding?

I'm riding the Ride Helix. I like that it's a stiffer board, it's really responsive, and not too jittery. 

What about the shape on that thing?

It's crazy! I like the asymmetrical shape. It's really run for carving around.

Nice and what about boots?

I like Ride boots. They're really comfortable, take a while to break in but they're really comfortable.

Who’s your favourite crew in snowboarding?

The Wkndrs, definitely.

What about a brand team?

I think Union has the best team, they're pretty sick, they all throw down.


Maria Frantzen | Berlin, Germany | 27 Years Old

Who do you think makes the best snowboards?

These days for sure Capita. I love Capita. I think they make the best boards, and they just make awesome stuff. Big fan.

What about boots?

Boots, I'm wearing Vans, so I think they're quite all right, yeah. Vans.

What about bindings?

I'm actually happy with my Burtons. I get the Lexa. Yeah, I'm happy with that. I never really knew it made such a big difference until I actually bought good bindings. The first time was like such a good feeling to be on good bindings.

Do you have a favorite snowboarder?

I like Jamie Anderson, of course. I love her actually. Yeah, she's awesome. 

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