Red Bull SlopeSoakers, Grouse Mountain

Pond skim, slush cup — you’ve been there, seen that. Since the early days of Warren Miller, clowns in costumes on skis and boards have been pointing it at man-made seas in the snow during spring time. RedBull SlopeSoakers has re-brimmed that old hat for the next generation. SlopeSoakers is slopestyle meets pond skim and mixed properly with sunshine, music, and beverages we can now confirm this new RedBull concoction is a recipe for one of the best times ever.

During the hottest day of 2016 over 100 snowboarders (and skiers) brought out the board shorts and sunscreen to Grouse Mountain to take on the this one-of-a-kind course. Judged runs saw the field cut down to 10 for a final that gave away awards for best bail, best trick and best costume (yes, best costume, but not in the figure skating / Hunger Games sense, more like halloween / tickle-trunk sense.)

People slammed, people swam, people skipped, flipped, dipped and when time ran out Ian Mills had by far the Best Crash (check our insta feed), Sterling Storey greased Best Trick over the rainbow rail (Front 180 switch Tail Press, Switch Backside 180 out) and Trint Thomas was the driest and most on-it dude of the day . Trint won laying down run after run of mixed tricks with proper style. Also, he was the only one to take on the S rail over water and survive.

Blistering high-fives to Red Bull, Grouse Mountain, and the Grouse Park Staff who put on the best show in town. If you missed it, don’t be dumb, we’ll see you next year.

Check the pics © Brian Caissie / Red Bull Content Pool

Mikey French pressing the pond
Daniel Gardiner Front Board over the pool
Winning dudes
Party Time - Excellent
The best seats in town
Spraying some shade
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