Ripping | Jadyn Chomlack

Frontside Boardslide, Vancouver, B.C. 
Words: Jack Macdougall
Photos: Evan Chandler-Soanes

Jadyn Chomlack is one of Canada’s fast-rising talents. Raised in Pemberton, just down the road from Whistler, BC, Jadyn grew up surrounded by all aspects of snowboarding at the highest level, and you can tell when you see him ride. The kid can do it all, and he’s just getting started. In the summer, Jadyn spends his time relaxing with his dog, Tifah, and exploring his newfound interests in off-roading and golf. On top of everything, he’s a great friend who always has fun and brings up the people around him. I caught up with Jadyn to talk about navigating life as a young snowboarder. Here’s what he had to say.—Jack Macdougall 

What’s it like growing up in the hub of Whistler?

It’s pretty amazing. Growing up in Whistler has given me the chance to be around a lot of amazing snowboarders and people. I’ve really fallen in love with the community.

Do you believe that contributed to you being a snowboarder?

Definitely! I always kind of knew I was gonna be a snowboarder. Just being surrounded by it so much growing up. My dad always snowboarded and me and my brother looked up to him, so we just followed.

How did you get into competing?

I got into contests when I was young. I was part of the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club and most of that was based around slopestyle and big air. Some of the alums were Darcy Sharpe and Brin Alexander who I looked up to. Darcy was around a lot at that time and inspired me to take a more contest-focused route to ride with my friends more.

What made you make the switch to filming?

I stopped doing contests mostly because I didn’t really like the competing side of it. I knew I should’ve probably been fully done when I was on a trip in Calgary spending more time in the streets at night instead of lapping the park. I like filming because rather than trying to beat your homies, you’re just snowboarding with them.

Do you have any goals in snowboarding? 

I’d like to film a full video part like the pros that came before me.

You had a couple of sick clips in the last Volcom vid. How was it getting out into the backcountry last year?

Last March I got to go to Utah to meet up with the Volcom crew while they were filming for CreedleCosm. It was sick. Brighton is full of easy side-country access stuff, little 15-20 minute walks to get into cool zones, so we were able to get some cool stuff. I liked that kind of riding, walking around and building jumps. It’s a little more immersive.

Alright, how was sledding last year?

It’s definitely a new world out there. Coming from the park, sledding is scary. I never had a dirt bike or anything growing up, so it was a lot to learn, but it’s cool where they can take you so I’ll have to keep working on it.

Tell us about that window on your truck.

[Laughs] Okay, so this was one of the few days I went out sledding last winter, those days are long, and we’re all tired when we get back to the lot. But anyways, I parked my truck on a bit of a sideways slant. No excuses though. But I came at the sled ramp into the bed a bit fast and jumped straight into the back window breaking the whole thing. Pretty rookie mistake. I was freaking out a bit, but when it was over, we had to have a good laugh about it.

What’s next?

I’m looking forward to this season! Going to be filming as much as I can with the D.O.P.E. Industries’ crew, hopefully, make a few trips to the States and ride more backcountry.

Cheesin' post-clip. We're patiently waiting for the next Dope video! 
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