From the pages of the mag Issue 13.1 [o] Jaysson Gallant

I first met David 10 years ago at Mt. St-Bruno. I remember that day like yesterday, I was on the chairlift with Dillon Ojo and I remember saying to Dill, "WTF, who is that kid?" and he told me he was the future. I was already really impressed by David (who was only nine years old at the time). This kid was clearly exceptional, with his pure natural talent driven by passion. I don't know anyone that rides as much as David does. If he could ride 365 days a year, he would. It may sound cliché, but David lives to shred.

by Gab Belanger

Age | 19

Place | Saint Bruno, QC

Sponsors | Salomon, Vans, Howl, Avendre, Ashbury, Empire

Nosepress, Montreal, QC [o] Jaysson Gallant

Yo, what's up David?

What's up! I'm great. The season just ended, but I'm already looking forward to next season.

How was filming your first street part this year? Not only was it your first part, but it’s for the new Bruners movie.

I was surprised by how well it went for my first year riding street. But I had no idea it would be so much work and so much shoveling! [Laughs] It was an unreal feeling, realizing I was filming for the Bruners movie. When I was younger, I would watch those guys’ edits on repeat. I am so stoked to have the opportunity to live a childhood dream of mine.

What did you find was the most challenging?

Waking up early.

Any battles over the winter?

Without a doubt. The biggest battle of the winter was filming the last trick for my part. I had to go back three times. Big shout-out to you, Gab, who came and buffed the rail. The feeling when I landed the trick was insane. I told myself, no more shovelling.

Do you think you'll be driving the NBP van this winter? When will you finally get your license?

I will for sure have my license next winter. The driving courses were really long and complicated because of COVID, that's why I don't have it yet. I already started roofing with the Bruners, so I started putting money aside for a car. I won't have to bother anyone anymore.

What's up with all the snowboarders from Quebec roofing during the summer?

I'll explain it the same way the boys convinced me to start roofing. It pays well, it's a summer job, you spend your whole time with the boys, and it gives you the right to unemployment over the winter. So, it's like you're getting paid to snowboard, like the pros, but without being one.

Who influenced your riding the most over the years?

My biggest influence was Dillon, 100%, and he still is. Watching him shred my local mountain when I was younger and having the chance to ride with him. There is no doubt he's my favourite rider.

What was your favourite moment this winter?

Without a doubt, our trip to Sunshine in Banff at the end of the season. It was the first time for me riding a "real" resort. It was something I will never forget. Otherwise, some great moments were the nights with guys in the Airbnb during the trip that gave me the chance to be around people throughout this whole COVID situation.

Boardslide, Montreal, QC [o] Jaysson Gallant

Can you explain why the first thing you do when you get the AUX chord in the van is to put on Crazy Frog?

Crazy Frog gets me so hyped up before riding. It really gets me in a good vibe, especially since it reminds me of the first trips taken with NBP, we would blast it so loud in the van heading to the events all around Quebec. 

Any funny stories from this winter you want to share?

Well, we were in Sherbrooke filming and we had rented out two houses because of COVID. The crew was split up in two, the lowkey spot and the party bum place. You know which house I was in! I learned very quickly that it is risky to fall asleep early when you are with the party bums. Let's just say I had some nice makeup on when I woke up.

Any projects already planned for next year?

Definitely filming a street part again. Otherwise, winter means school. I have to check things out with the crew and plan, but I'm hungry for any boarding project.

Anyone you want to shout-out?

Oh yeah, definitely shout-out to you, Gab, Agence NBP, Marco, Slice, Salomon, Howl, Vans, Empire, Ojo4ever, Frank Bélanger, Avendre, French Fragrance, Bruners, my parents and my sister, Jayson G, Corona, Mcdo25, Devo and the living legend Ramirez.

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