[o] Chris Witwicki

Age | 18 | Place | Quebec City | Sponsors | Rome, O’Neill, Vans, Dragon, Empire

Do you go by Frank or Francis? Would you say, “Let me be frank with you” or “let me be Francis with you?”

I'd say, I usually introduce myself as “Frank”, but you guys can call me Jobin if you want.

Did you ever get teased for having the name, Francis? Kind of a sissy name, no?

Not really, no. That's why I introduce myself as Frank.

It's a pretty common French name, isn't it. Do you think Frank April would be just as marketable if he went by Francis April?

But his name is Francois? Yeah, no. Definitely Frank is nicer.

I’ve heard some people call you ‘Frank the Tank.’

Yeah, I feel like that's classic, too. Every Frank has been called Frank the Tank.

Do you know where that reference comes from?

Reference? I'm not too sure, no.

Have you ever seen the movie Old School? Will Ferrell?

Old School? No, I haven't seen it.

It came out 2003. How old were you in 2003?

Two thousand three... I was five or six.

You were five? No shit. You should watch Old School. It's good.

Yeah I'll watch it. I've been missing out.

The snowboard movie Lame by Robot Food came out in 2003, too. Did you ever see that?

Yeah, I saw this movie. I like watching old movies. Old movies are the best. I like watching old movies and the new movies, because it's nice to see the evolution of stuff, all the tricks. In the backcountry, it's still pretty much the same; it's still pretty dope to watch.

When did you start snowboarding?

I started snowboarding at seven years old.

Now you're on the national team?

I'm on the development team.

Switch Backside 540, Whistler Blackcomb [o] Chris Witwicki

Are you carded? Do you get paid by the government?

I got carded last year. They definitely help a lot. It's nice to get sled laps in the park and stuff.

So you get cheques from the government?

Last year, I had cheques from the government every month.

Snowboard unemployment. Making taxpayers' money, what do you spend our money on?

Just snowboarding. Trying to make some great tricks.

Do you pay taxes?


That's a good deal. So, you won a little online contest we had on Instagram during the World Ski and Snowboard Festival. You posted a clip and we paid you $500. What did you spend it on?

Just spending time in Whistler. Food and stuff. I don't know... being in Whistler.

Do you waste any money? What do you think you waste money on?

Maybe parties, sometimes.

I heard that you like to sneak into bars.

Yeah, I used to sneak in bars, it's pretty funny.

How does that work out? Do you have a fake ID or do you just try to go up and own it?

I just go with the flow. Someone just gives me an ID and it works sometimes. Actually, I got in with Seb Toutant’s ID right behind him, in the same bar. The doorman recognized him, “Oh, Seb, you missed your snowboard premiere." And I was like, Oh, shit, this is definitely not working out for sure. And then I had almost the same ID, but it ended up working, so it was so funny.

You're getting clips in the street, you're shredding park, you're on this NextGen team doing contests. What do you want to do with snowboarding?

I definitely want to offer the best of both worlds. Do some filming in the street and then all the contests I can do, just like... I really want to bring some, I don't know… new flavours to tricks. I'm sure I could. 

I don’t doubt it. Sweet, man. You got anyone you need to thank besides the government and the taxpayers?

For sure. Big shout out to O’Neill and all my sponsors. And thanks to my family and friends.


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