Rise of the Village was the third edition to hopefully an endless series put on by SRD, Snowboy Productions, Sunshine Village, and Rockstar Energy. It lasted for three days, spanning March 10th - 13th, and included an invite list of 90 riders from across Canada. That means, in the light of COVID - 19, it may have been one of the biggest sporting events held in March! What an honour. 

But in all seriousness, Rise of the Village was amazing this year. As perusal, it brought together all kinds of riders, ranging from people who like to gap features, compete at nationals, ride technically, or do anything that is in-between. With such a big and diverse crew, sessions go on for hours as new riders are always tagging in. This results in features getting absolutely obliterated. Being a part of this event can really open your perspective to what snowboarding is and how it can be done. 

However, that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. That's what you get when you bring a group of talented people into an environment that is tailored to them. It’s a perfect storm. Featured below is a video and photo recap that will hopefully provide you with a little proof of that storm. 

Words by Will Fraser

Video Recap:


Photo Recap:

Frank Belanger | Boardslide to boardslide | [o] Tommy Berlin
Stefan "Taco" Alvarez | Front blunt 270 | [o] Liam Glass
Vinny Laz | Truck Driver | [o] Liam Glass
Greger Zed | Tuck Knee | [o] Liam Glass
Brett Mills | Air | [o] Tommy Berlin
Tanner Davidson | Backside 180 Japan | [o] Liam Glass
Gregor Zed | Back Lip | [o] Dale Bailey
Finn Westbury | SW Nose Bonk | [o] Tommy Berlin
Jack Lawrence | Gap to Boardslide | [o] Dale Bailey
Finn Westbury | Front Board | [o] Tommy Berlin
Eric Martin | Front Blunt | [o] Will Fraser
Quin Ellul | Boardslide | [o] Will Fraser
Josh Reeves | Boardslide | [o] Will Fraser
Stefan "Taco" Alvarez | Toe Slide | [o] Will Fraser
Veroniqi Hanssen | Front Blunt | [o] Will Fraser
Group Shot [o] Will Fraser

Thanks once again to SRD, Snowboy Productions, Sunshine Village, and Rockstar Energy for putting Rise of the Village on. It means a lot to the community!

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