Parents come in all shapes and sizes. Some are loud and attention-grabbing, while others are of few words. Some are long-winded, detail-oriented, and assertive, while others are very hands-off. The many emails involved in making this article series was a reminder of this. Those emails were also a good reminder that our parents, in their own unique way, are present throughout our entire lives. They see us at our best and at our worst. Therefore, they are probably the most important people to talk to when it comes to getting to know someone, even though they are often overlooked. This series flips that on its head. Adapted for the web – from issue 12.3 – this six-part interview explores the childhoods of Scott Stevens, Mikey Rencz, Jody Wachniak, Mark McMorris, Seb Picard, and Chris Rasman, from the perspective of their parents. To backup Jude and Dave Rencz from last week, we have Scott Stevens' Mom, Dad, and Aunt Katie this week, explaining the life of the most creative and genius person in snowboarding, Scott Stevens.

Mom, Dad, and Aunt Katie interviewed by William Fraser

Hi King Snow, 

This is MaryAnn, Scott’s mom writing. The 3 of us, myself, Bill (Scott’s dad) and Scott’s aunt Katie all helped answer these questions. 

What kind of child was Scott growing up? Was he quiet, loud, quirky, nerdy, cool?

Growing up, Scott was active, friendly, a leader, popular, loyal to his family and friends, creative and considerate of others. 

Do you think Scott thinks snowboarding is a good job?

He doesn't see snowboarding as a job—it’s his passion. 

Speed Demon

Any worries about Scott's retirement plan?

Scott doesn’t have one, but we don’t worry about that. 

What do you think Scott would have done for work if he wasn’t snowboarding?

We think he would have done something creative, something outdoor related and pertaining to snowboarding. 

Spelunking with his sister

What are you proudest of your son for?

Being a great husband to his wife Naomi and a great father to Violet, his daughter. 

Was Scott ever suspended from school? If so, what for?

He was never suspended from school. 

Scott: Judo air [o] Andy Wright

Scott seems obsessed with snowboarding. He may even be a snowboard genius. What do you think it is about snowboarding that got Scott so hooked?

It’s a sport that allows his creative juices to really take off. He’s good at thinking up tricks and making them happen. Scott is also good at repeating a trick over and over until he gets it right and on camera. 

Does he talk about snowboarding at Christmas dinners?

He does talk about his tricks at meals, but is aware that other family members may want to talk, too. 

Do you have a favourite video part?

His auntie Katie likes Defenders of Awesome. Us parents like the videos made by Jesse Burtner, and of course Suzy Greenburg!

Sleepy Stevens

What was Scott's favourite food growing up?

He liked salads and fast food. His food habits have been much better since he met Naomi!!!!

And, speaking of food, do you remember when he won Robot Food?

Huge yes!!!! We framed the article and it’s hanging up in the kitchen. It’s a big deal!!!!!

...Typed by Scott’s mom who is a 1 finger typer.

Little Scott, big tie
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