Parents come in all shapes and sizes. Some are loud and attention-grabbing, while others are of few words. Some are long-winded, detail-oriented, and assertive, while others are very hands-off. The many emails involved in making this article series was a reminder of that. Those emails were also a good reminder that our parents, in their own unique way, are present throughout our entire lives. They see us at our best and at our worst. Therefore, they are probably the most important people to talk to when it comes to getting to know someone, even though they are often overlooked. This series flips that on its head. Adapted for the web – from issue 12.3 – this six part interview explores the childhoods of Scott Stevens, Mikey Rencz, Jody Wachniak, Mark McMorris, Seb Picard, and Chris Rasman, from the perspective of their parents. To backup Linda Peruggia from last week, we have Jean-Francois and Nathalie Picard this week, the parents of French rail-god, Seb Picard.

Jean-Francois & Nathalie Picard interviewed by William Fraser

How did Seb get into snowboarding? 

We got Seb some ski lessons when he was 6 years old and it seemed like after the first lap he was able to ski. So, we knew he would be really great! After a year of skiing, he switched to snow blades - haha - and then realized that it was too easy and not fun. Then, when he was 8 years old, we rented him a snowboard. And that’s where everything started. Fun fact, he cried because there was a little bird on his first board, he didn’t like it! 

What did Seb want to be when he was little? 

To be honest, he never really told us what he wanted to do in the future. When he was young, he was always working with his hands and building tree houses behind our place. Also, he was always playing with his tech deck everywhere in the house! 

What was it like to see Seb on the cover of King Snow?

Just WOW. That was incredible to see him on the cover. We would say… speechless.

As parents, what does a cover like that mean to you?

Seeing this means that he has accomplished a lot. He has worked so hard in the past few years and deserves it all. We’re very proud of him!

Do you worry about Seb's future?

No, maybe if you would have asked this question a few years ago, when a lot of his friends finished university the answer would have been different. At that point we question what he would do, but never to the point of being really worried about his future. We knew he would be fine at whatever he would do in his life because he’s a hard worker and he likes to keep himself busy.

“Thanks for always being such good parents. I love you both, and appreciate your effort and love in bringing me up. And for always believing in me.”

Seb Picard
Seb Picard, 50-50 to Backside Lipslide, Quebec City, QC. [o] Joseph Roby

If you could give Seb a job, that is not snowboarding, what job would it be, why?

Dentist, because he likes going there, kidding. Maybe a chef, cause he used to work in a kitchen and he always cooks amazing stuff. Or, any job that he can use his hands and work outside. He hated working in front of a computer, so he might not fit in at an office. 

Has Seb ever called you from a snowboarding trip needing help? 

Yes, a couple of times. But one time, when he was in Whistler, in 2012, he called us because his house completely burned down and he lost everything. We were glad that everyone was alright. He was so mellow on the phone but it was such a crazy thing! We asked him if he needed anything, or if he wanted to come back home, but it worked out, he stayed there one more month. 

What’s one trait that Seb has that you’re the proudest of?

Seb is a very humble and honest person. But, he is not very patient when something goes wrong. 

What's Seb's middle name?


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