The SRD crew has been working hard for many years now, making Alberta proud, and even giving a good rep to all of Canada. Each year their projects get better, as they grow as filmers, creatives, and people. This year, on Sept 12th, with the support of their sponsors, SRD put out a video called Simulation. It’s a short flick, only 14 minutes and 14 seconds long, featuring Finn Westbury, Tom O'Reilly, Gregor Zed, Sebi Springeth + friends. 

Being from Edmonton, I had to go. So, on that Saturday I packed up a small, single-pouch Vans backpack and hit the road with three other friends. From Edmonton, Calgary is about a three hour drive, consisting of farm land on either side and a couple flat earth convention signs. It’s pretty rural, but the drive is easy. 

Due to COVID-19, the premiere was not hosted in the typical bar or theater. It was at a drive-in. With this setting everyone could still attend, but from the safety and comfort of their own vehicle. An ideal way to go about it, really. There were car servers who would bring snacks upon request. A radio station to dial your car into. And, three massive screens to watch. Everything a person could want was there, even the pleasure of hootin' and hollerin', or honking, for the tricks you liked.

The whole event went on for about an hour and forty minutes, with other great videos playing like, Upper Management: Thesis, The Dustbox: Dustbox, I Wanted Most, Snowboarder Mag: Tangle, and Aintfinna: 4. By the end of the night everyone seemed to have had their fix. And, SRD had done it again. They brought an uncountable number of people together from the Alberta snowboard community to celebrate snowboarding.

After leaving the drive-in, my crew and I went to the Westbury’s for a COVID safe after party featuring Brett Mills, Kennedi Deck, and a couple of their partners. To celebrate, we popped some bottles of champagne in the back yard, drank Corona - tornado style - and chatted about absolutely everything: boarding, politics, gender, brands, making the ultimate snowboard pants, quilting, Brett’s love for party tricks, etc.. It was an amazing time.

After such a fun night, the morning came way too early. Following only 5 hours of sleep, it was time to get up and get going back to Edmonton. Yet, before leaving, the smiling Westbury’s got up to say goodbye and wish us safe travels. Nothing can stop those guys from being the most awesome, kind, and generous people. Thank you for everything Finn and JJ, and thanks for the party tricks, Brett - much love to you all. I can't wait to see what you guys get up to this year.

Words and photos by Will Fraser: @whilebeingwilliam

Finn Westbury on the mic
Matt Tam, Dale Bailey, and Spencer Rennie
Finn and JJ Westbury
Jared Anderson, Adam Brownlie, and Torrance Donaghy
Jake Whitburn and crew
Taco and Bryanne Papp
Brett Mills and pals
Kennedi Deck, Beth St. Amoure, and friend
Dope crew
Manu and Quin Ellul
Manu, Landis King, and Quin Ellul
JJ Westbury
Tanner Davidson and friends
Finn Westbury
JJ Westbury
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