Alright - great news! The Oakley Team Collection is now out, and it looks awesome. The collection ranges from hillwear to streetwear, consisting of jackets, snow pants, lounge gear, goggles, and everything in between. Not to mention, every piece was designed by the style god himself, Stale Sandbech!

Some specific parts of the collection that you can look forward to are cinched bottom pants, stretch fabrics, and two pieces made of 100% recycled materials. The trademark sign for this collection is also a skull and crossbones. It's nothing too fancy, just enough to warn everyone that you're killin' it in this kit!...

To read what Stale said about his new collection, and find out what is in his pockets, keep scrolling. There is a full interview with him below, along with a bunch of photos of the new Team Collection. 

Alright Stale, describe your new Oakley collection in one word? 


Is there a piece in the collection, or a detail, that you're the most hyped on? 

Hmmm. I am really happy with the entire collection. But, I really like how the reflective skull on the back of the jackets stands out when lights hit it. It looks cool, but it's also key if you're out walking in the dark. Style and safety.

Which piece or detail do you think other people will be the most excited about? 

Hopefully people will like most of it. But, I think the full white/grey kit is something that will stand out. And, for people interested in the fit and feel of an outfit, they will be really happy with the bib pants and the yellow jacket. It's the best fitting outerwear I've had. 

Between Oakley and Rome you offer signature products head-to-toe. How important do you think it is to be 100% comfortable and excited about your equipment and what you’re wearing?

Look good, ride good. For sure your product matters. From what boards you ride, to what outerwear you wear, it's all important. When you are comfy in what you are wearing, and feel like you look rad, it's easier to fully get into the groove and create your best style and moves, I feel.

On the other side of that, how can a bad kit ruin your day and affect your riding? 

If you look down while riding and you feel like your pants are wack, or they are hard to move and tweak your grabs in, it for sure fucks up your day. It just does not feel right. It's weird, but it is 100% true. You want to look down while riding and feel that you are stylish before you drop in.

Winter is about to kick off. What are you looking forward to most? 

First of all, I'm looking forward to just ripping down the mountain with good friends, jumping on every little weird feature we can find, and having a blast. My plans are to do a couple of contests, if they end up happening. I also want to team up with Mr. Gimbalgod and try to get creative on the entire mountain. Hopefully more powder and backcountry than before. I really want to further explore that part of snowboarding. 

At the end of the day, what is snowboarding to you? 

Snowboarding is my life. Straight up. 

And, lastly, hit us with one thing you can always find in your pockets while travelling or riding? 

Boring answer, but gotta go with the phone on that one. Need to step that one up.

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