By Jody Wachniak

Matt Belzile, Rusty Ockenden, and Chris Rasman pioneered this jump back in 2014. It's in the Brandywine zone of the Whistler backcountry. Lots has been done on it over the years. Matt, Rasman, Rusty, E-Jack and myself have all got tricks on it. As it stands today, I would say Belzile has the standout clip on it: Back 10. His Backside Rodeo 720 and Cab 900 were also fire. We kinda just keep returning to this jump because it rides like a big park jump; the speed is perfect and it’s higher in the alpine so it holds good snow.

Having to go first is scary and I’ve lost the roshambo twice now. Also to note the ride out to the right is gnarly. You could easily launch off the landing bench into rocks and trees. It happened to Eric—shit is super gnarly.

Frontside 360, Whistler, BC. [o] Colin Adair

On this day, I'm doing a Front 3 Indy. I was thinking Front 10 when we were building, but I didn’t land the 7 so I got trapped into tying a stock trick. My last hit I switched from the 7 to the Front 3 to just land something. I wasn't too hyped on the session but then Colin [Adair] showed me the photo and I was juiced.

Just another Front 3 [laughs]—we've all seen 'em. If I'm being honest, I could have poked it more. But the clip will be in the newest Manboys movie. I have a rule where I can't have a beer unless I get a shot that day. It makes them taste better. No clips, no beers, stack or drink water. Hence the Front 3, I wanted that beer.

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