The Stomping Grounds camp in Saas Fee. Two weeks of epic weather, perfect jumps all in the heart of the beautiful Swiss Alps.

The Canada Snowboard team (along with the rest of the world) showed up to hone skill and dial in tricks before the biggest season since 2014. Yes, the Winter Olympics are coming and you can feel it at the drop in. Riders are taking things up a notch, they’re noticing where are others are at, all while pretending to not give a shit and have a great time snowboarding.

Snowboarders are trying to make teams for their country or make sure they have tricks they'll need to take hardware home in Pyeongchang. Despite all that hangs on the line, the two-week Stomping Grounds hang had a great scene and vibe going. The sessions were insanely sendy and Saas Fee, Switzerland has the greatest village and most beautiful backdrop you could ask for.


  • Saas Fee's Allain glacier is big, beautiful and has to be the best place to ride in the northern hemisphere right now
  • The crew at The Stomping Grounds puts on one helluva show
  • Canadian riders are leading the charge out there. Pushing others to go places they've never been and are riding their asses off
  • The kid is back! Mark McMorris went through hell and lives to tell. It’s a miracle he’s riding this strong after a backcountry accident almost ended him.
  • The Quad still lingers. Marcus Kleveland tried one. Chris Corning did a backside quad. It’s happening. And whether you want it or not we're going to see one at the big O this year

Keep checking in to King Snow Magazine and plenty of coverage to come from Saas Fee, Switzerland

Photos Crispin Cannon

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