Photos by Eric Lamothe

Let’s talk real, this event was hella fun. And the global idea was to bring a high-quality set up including a solid Jump and Rail Garden to Stoneham, QC. Close the season and showcase the knowledge and talents of Today’s Parks.

With the collaborative help of The North Face to present this first edition, we’ve been able to enjoy the outside while facing harsh weather the first two days. We experienced some camping in the infamous dome tents, barbecuing (special thanks to Chef Frank April) and spent quality time with friends.

Indeed, working with such a genuine brand that supports both Ski and Snowboard gave us the ability to offer a unique environment where athletes from different horizons could share the same playgrounds. All for the sake of pushing their limits and collecting beautiful shots.

The concept was to work the first 3 days with a limited group of humans who proved themselves being some of the best in their discipline which includes the following:

• Cole Navin • Sebastien Toutant • Craig Gouweloos • Frank April • Dillon Ojo • Anto Chamberland • Frank Bourgeois • JF Houle (Supporter, injured) • Alex Bellemare • Alex Beaulieu-Marchand • Emile Bergeron • Vincent Prévost

While some were riding the multi-faced 75’ table jump that also features a giant quarter pipe with the Red Bull rail sitting on top, others could either jump or shoot for the hip connected to the landing. And let me tell you, some were pushing the envelope!

The bottom portion of the course featured a tent / chilling village in the same surrounding of the Rail Garden to create an environment that supplied plenty of options to shoot some lines.

As the days went on the weather kept getting better, we invited a bunch of homies for the very last day in order to share this fun factory before the curtain call.

Hats off to all @TodaysParks team who made this happen. And huge thanks @The North Face, @Red Bull Canada, @Station Touristique Stoneham, @Prinoth Snowgroomers and @CoastalJibs for the love and the support!

Stay tuned for the second edition… #TodaysCANVAS #ChefApril #BBQ #Jump #NeverStopExploring 

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