Twenty years in the making, Vans Snow is currently working on a full-length team video. So we caught up with Tanner Pendleton, the filmmaker tasked with bringing the project to life, to find out its status, how he landed this coveted job, what we can expect to see in the video, and when it will be released.

Interview by Christina Raymond

Can you tell us about your background in snowboarding and how you became a filmer/filmmaker?

I was always obsessed with snowboarding and skateboarding as a kid. I grew up right down the road from Wachusett Mountain in Massachusetts and would go there every day after school. I think snowboard and skateboard videos are a really awesome gateway to music and art. At some point I got into making videos of my own, and I became really focused on that. I got a job making videos at High Cascade one summer and the next winter I got offered a job filming for Salomon. I dropped out of college and have been filming snowboarding since.

Directing the first Vans snowboard video in 20 years is an impressive gig, can you tell us how you landed it and how you feel about working on this project?

I was filming with Jed Anderson a few winters back and we went....

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