Whistler got some snow this week. A lot of snow. 157cms in the last week. These photos & video were shot together with very little planning. When it snows around Whistler, plans are made quickly. I wanted to ride the snow, but also wanted to get some photos; it’s rare to even try to shoot photos on pow days because it’s just too much damn fun. I was meeting with the usual suspects and knew a few fellow boarders were filming some pillows. I hit up the filmer Kyler and that was that.

It was a pretty busy day. We got a few quick laps in and stopped to wait out the lines. Scot, Dmo, Shane,
Keenan and myself got a decently deep lap through Ruby bowl. From there, we met up with Brin, Bryan, Kyler, and Will at this perfect little pillow zone. We spent a solid few hours hiking around the minefield of bathtub bomb hole landings, creek beds, and radness. –Rob Lemay

Featuring: Derek Molinski, Scot Brown, Keenan Filmer, Shane Josephs, Will Kovacic, Kyler Lang, Brin Alexander, Bryan Bowler

Bryan, Method

Bryan, Pitted

D-Mo, Frontside 360

D-M0, Indy Bomb

Finding D-Mo

D-Mo, smashing pow

Keenan, Frontside 540 Tail

Keenan, Gap to Pillow Smash

Keenan, Indy

Kyler Lang

Shane Joseph, Method, Jersey Cliffs

Will & Brian

Will Kovacic, Pillow Slash


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