Wildcats Never Die, World Premiere

The Wildcats claim they’ll never die. Last Thursday on a rainy night in Vancouver that claim became indisputable fact. The immortal Cats pounced on a max capacity Fortune Sound Club to deliver their latest flick alongside The Manboys.

Shoulder to shoulder, the joint was rammed packed with snowboarders from 3 different generations. They sported Wildcat gear, brought out of closets like old concert T's for the reunion tour. They shouted “Deluxe!” when they saw Devun Walsh. And when JF Pelchat took the stage. The dude lit the place on fire in a one piece neon suite. He kicked the film off with a heartfelt, voice cracking, scream-speech. Talked about his love and the strength of Canadian snowboarding. Everything snowboarding has given him. And the comraderies it has offered. It was awesome.

The film is snowboarding, antics, and history at it's best. Complete with a new classic soundtrack with an original rap anthem intro. If you were a fan in the early 2000's going to be hyped on this new offering.

It was a premier that had an echoing vibe that said, "snowboarding is going to be just fine." The Manboys and Wildcats are proof that the scene in Canada remains to be the strongest in the world.

Hands down. This was the best premiere since the last Wildcat premiere. Make sure to get to one of the dates below. And get this on iTunes October 27th. Hell yeah, the Wildcats will never die!

Wildcats premier insta 3
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