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Nitro Phantom Binding Video Review 2024

Nitro Phantom Binding Basics

The all-new Nitro Phantom provides a seasoned snowboarder with more control, finesse, comfort, and turning response all in all snow conditions and in any terrain.
The new and exclusive AIR Plus footbed provides a comfortable and responsive damping system, allowing you to ride longer daily. The base frame and Highback offer a seamless interface for riders looking to connect turns at their local resort or send it in hard on big lines in AK. The 3D OptiFrame injection-molded ankle strap combined with the Übergrip Toe Strap offers a precision fit and reduces the overall weight. Finally, the Cable Reinforced Connectors and Ratchets and Forged Aluminum Speedwheel buckles are smooth operating, durable and reliable that will stand the test of time.

Nitro Phantom Binding Tech Details

Sizes Medium 7.0-10.5 US    Large 11.0-14.0 US

 2x4 Mini Disc with Angle Lock & Channel Mounting System Compatible

Canting  3º Canted Footbeds w/Air Plus Damping
Comfort / Response 10/10 Comfort    7/10 Response
Warranty 2 years
Flex Rating Medium-Stiff


Who is the Nitro Phantom Binding Best For?

It's a comfortable, well-fitting binding that allows for a good response riding the resort and big mountain. From amature to pro level riding, this is an excellent binding for those looking for a lightweight, minimalistic binding that's customizable and focused on comfort and performance. This binding will maximise the edge to edge performance of your snowboard.

Nitro Phantom Binding Test Notes

"I love the simplicity to it. It's quite lightweight, and the straps are really nice on the feet. It's quite easy to set up on the board. You don't actually need a tool. You can quickly release and change the size of straps, which is quite nice. Another thing I really liked about the binding is the ladders have a metal cable inside. So even if you were to break the ladder, you can still get off the resort with your binding strapped in. It's a stiffer binding, which I really like. It just feels comfy, and the performance of it makes me feel like I'm attached to my snowboard. It's a comfortable, well-fitting binding that allows for a good response riding the resort and off of side hits and big mountain riding as well. I think it excels in all-mountain riding, but I could take it in the park as well and still have a great time. If you're looking for a binding to maximize performance and give you the most response, this is an excellent binding."—Aari

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  • Superior fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Tool free adjustments
  • Lightweight
  • Highly responsive


  • High performance binding with a higher price point
  • Those who need very stiff binding might find it too soft

What set the Nitro Phantom binding apart from other bindings?

In a word: innovation. Nitro has been low-key owning practical, performance-enhancing upgrades to their bindings while still offering a clean, lightweight, minimalistic look and feel. The Nitro Phantom is a modern top-of-the-line snowboard binding.

• New Air Plus footbed for comfort and damping will allow you to ride longer without discomfort or pain.

• 2 x 4 mini disc with angle lock allows for less weight, more board feel, and less time fiddling when changing boards

• Boardsaver technology. Eva foam around the base of the biding to reduce board wear and breakage.

• 3° Canted Footbed lets you stand and ride in a more natural position, taking strain off you're knees and keeping you better balanced.

• New 3D OptiFrame Ankle Strap for minimal weight and zero pressure points.

• Cable Reinforced Connectors and Ratchets ensure your ladders won't break in the cold.


With almost 20 years of riding experience, Aari spends 100+ days a year on the mountain. He splits his time between coaching up-and-coming talent with the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club and riding powder, parks, trees on the resort and venturing into the backcountry. 

Ideal board length: 157 cm

Boot size: 8.5

Weight: 150 lbs


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This Nitro Phantom binding review was independently written and the views are that of the author.

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