Head E.B.I. LYT Snowboard Review 2024 | What's Good

"something you can have fun in the trees with, riding pow days and some awesome groomer days"

The Head EBI LYT is a great board to tackle any terrain the mountain throws your way. The Hybrid Camber POP profile is versatile, combining both Long Direction camber and Twin directional camber, allowing for a great combination of pop and edge hold. The Swallow Tail design provides a surfy feel and helps you float in the powder. The Hexagonal Core in the tip reduces swing weight, while a Triaxial Fiber wrap assures a smooth ride with balanced power distribution. This a phenomenal do-it-all board that excels both on and off-piste.

Sizes (cm)  143, 147, 153, 156, 161
Shape  Directional
Camber Profile Hybrid Camber Pop - Features an elevated flat section and a slight rocker in tip and tail, combining edge hold with pop and float.
Flex Rating  6 (1 = Soft, 10 = Stiff)
Core / Weight Very Light - LYT Tech offers less weight, extraordinary performance. 
Laminates Triaxial  fiberglass construction 45° layer, which offers supreme torsional properties and even power distribution.
Binding Compatibility  4 x 4


Who is the Head E.B.I. LYT Snowboard Best For?

For riders who appreciate a balance of responsiveness and stability, the E.B.I. LYT appeals to riders who value a board that's responsive and stable at higher speeds or challenging terrains while still being maneuverable and fun to ride. It's designed to perform well across a variety of terrains and conditions. Whether carving on groomers, hitting powder, or exploring the whole mountain, this snowboard aims to provide a versatile and very fun riding experience.

Head E.B.I. LYT Snowboard Tester Notes

“You can tell by the shape that it's gonna be awesome in pow and rip groomers. It was surprisingly light when I picked it up, but also, when you flexed it, it didn't feel like a soft noodle or anything, kinda like a nice medium flex. When I first got on this board, it was very responsive and quick to turn. It was very fun. Quick. Edge-to-edge was very responsive in the turns and felt pretty light under foot, too, which is nice. Torsionally, it wasn't too stiff. It was a nice medium flex, so it was very easy to steer. I was lucky enough to ride this board on a 30-centimeter powder day, and it excelled. The swallowtail helped keep the tail down; its wider nose makes it float quite nicely. It didn't feel hard to ride in any conditions. It was a nice, playful, do-it-all all board. It leans more towards powder and carving. If you are an all-mountain rider and want something you can have fun in the trees with, riding pow days and some awesome groomer days, this would be the board for you.”—Jon Frye


  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Super Fast Base
  • Exceptional in Powder
  • Rips Groomers


  • Very Directional

Jon Frye

A Whistler local with two decades of snowboard experience coupled with 15 years of expertise in snowboard retail. Jon has tested hundreds of products across diverse conditions. He thrives riding whatever conditions the day calls for, powder and trees, parks and hit runs, or groomers and side hits. 

Ideal board length: 156-158W

Boot size: 11

Weight: 170 lbs


This Ride Peace Seeker review was independently written and the views are that of the author. King Snow was not paid for this review but may get paid/supported if you click on the Buy Now links on this page.

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