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Public Statement Snowboard Video Review

"It excels at high speeds and boosts off side-hits. It has stability in the park, and the mid-wide shape helps for anybody with a larger boot."

Public Statement Snowboard Basics

The Public Statement is Kas Lemmens pro model. It’s a mid-wide, positive camber board that flattens out at the contact points, allowing it to quickly get from edge to edge despite its slightly wider waist width. This gives the board the perfect balance of playfulness and stability while hitting jumps or rails. The mid-wide shape alleviates toe & heel drag and offers more stability for high-impact riders looking for bigger terrain.
It has a softer torsional flex and a slightly longer blend zone at the contact points, making the board quicker and easier to get on edge. It also features a poplar wood core for smooth, consistent flex, a sintered base to make getting speed in the park or streets no problem, urethane sidewalls for superior durability and damping, and four 20mm wide quad carbon strips in the tip and tail for incredible pop.

Public Statement Snowboard Tech Details

Sizes (cm)  150, 154, 157 [Tested]
Shape Twin
Rocker/Camber Profile Positive Camber
Flex Rating 3 to 5 (Soft - Medium)
Core / Weight Poplar Core
Laminates Biax fiberglass, Quad carbon strips for pop
Binding Compatibility  4 x 4

Who is the Public Statement Snowboard Best For?

Best suited for an intermediate to advanced snowboarder who enjoys side-hits, park features, street snowboarding and jumping. The board's stability in the park and mid-wide shape make it a good choice for riders with larger boots.

Public Statement Snowboard Tester Notes

"It excels at high speeds and boosts off side-hits. It has stability in the park, and the mid-wide shape helps for anybody with a larger boot. It's definitely more of an advanced feeling bored 'cause you do have to ride it at a higher speed to get that response from it. But all in all it's super fun and playful for jumping, very predictable since it is a mid-wide and you really feel that stability under foot. And it still has that snap riding through the chunder. This board would excel for someone who's looking to hit the streets and hit big rails, or someone who's looking to just rip the mountain and hit big jumps." —Cam


  • Easy to press
  • Mid-wide stability
  • Carbon fulled pop
  • Fast sintered base


  • Won't fit all foot sizes
  • Limited lengths available
  • May feel soft for aggressive or heavier riders

Cam is WhistlerBlackcomb's terrain park supervisor and has almost 30 years of riding experience. He rides at least five days a week, is comfortable on the steel, and rips around the mountain.

Ideal board length: 156 cm

Boot size: 9.5

Weight: 180 lbs


This review was independently written and the views are that of the author.

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