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"These bindings charge the whole mountain and make it your playground."

The Rome Katana is a lightweight, hyper-responsive binding. Built on the surfy and playful AsymWrap platform, it offers pure all-mountain performance. DuraCush™ Technology is an expanded thermoplastic polyurethane material, used in SubBase pads and on footbeds to provide advanced chatter absorption. DuraCush™ is hyper-resistant to cold temperatures: No matter the temperature, it maintains its impact absorption properties for more efficient energy transfer and an overall smoother ride. The UltraFlex Pro ankle straps are the next generation of the AuxTech® strap family, featuring an open 3D auxetic edge. When the strap is tightened, it has the ability to open and stretch, creating a more even distribution of pressure on your boot. New for this season, Rome bindings feature FastEntry Technology for quick and easy entry into the binding. The pre-curved ladder on the ankle and toe straps designed to pop open and help keep the straps out of your way while getting your boot into the binding.

Sizes Men S = US 5 - 8, M/L = US 7.5 - 11, L/XL = US 10.5 -14
Sizes Women S = US 6.5 - 9.5, M/L = US 9 - 12
Binding Mount Pattern 2x4, 4x4, Channel
Flex Rating Stiffer - Riding Style 5 to 8 (1 Playful - 10 Precise)
Buckles BombProof Buckles made of one-piece forged aluminum construction for better grip and durability.
Platform Aysmwrap Built to maximize tweakability and a surfy board feel, started the conversation about how bindings can and should ride.
Highback  Asym Hadron-Hiback – Lightweight nylon hiback with asymmetrical contour to perfectly fit asymmetrical boot cuffs.

Intermediate to aggressive riders looking for a high-performance binding that offers a balance of responsiveness, comfort, and versatility. Riders who appreciate a more responsive feel on their snowboard. 

"First impression riding these: extremely surfy. There's a lot of forgiveness on the outside here and then driving through turns with the high, high backs. You get a lot more board feel and control driving through your turns. These quick ratchets are unreal. The tweaks you get from this chassis not being here allow a lot of crazy angles. The soft dampening pads on this, at first, I thought they were fairly thick, but it allows you to have that board feel and really helps you drive through everything. The rider that's really gonna enjoy these bindings is anyone that rips the mountain, loves ripping off cliffs and anyone that rides, jumps. These bindings charge through the whole mountain. The entire mountain is your playground. If you're an advanced rider looking for a high-performance binding, this is the binding for you."—Cam



  • High-performance
  • Lightweight
  • Innovative
  • Customizable
  • Comfortable


  • Some riders may find the highback stiff

What's the most defining characteristic of the Rome Katana binding?

This is the most customizable binding on the market. Dial in how you want your binding to ride and feel—surfy with next-level tweakability.

Cam is WhistlerBlackcomb's terrain park supervisor and has almost 30 years of riding experience. He rides at least five days a week, is comfortable on the steel, and rips around the mountain.

Ideal board length: 156 cm

Boot size: 9.5

Weight: 180 lbs


This review was independently written and the views are that of the author.

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