Three friends, some wine, a whole lot of love, and Sidechannel was born.

Sidechannel is the sum of infamous snowboard photographer/legend, Dano Pendygrasse, Kim Duff (an actual Doctor and Dano's wife), and one-time pro snowboarder turned barbershop baron, Jon Roth.

Jon Roth, Grouse Mountain, 2005 [o] Dano Pendygrasse

Dano needs no introduction, but alas, he gets one anyway. Dano grew up on the north shore of Vancouver, British Columbia. He spent time between the local mountains and Whistler where he raced skis as a young boy. In the early 80’s Dano found punk rock and skateboarding. With all this newfound angst, he had to channel it somewhere and that's when snowboarding showed up. The perfect evolution of skiing, skateboarding and a punk rock bad attitude.

Dano did snowboard tricks, travelled, and managed to have a short little stint sliding in front of the camera. But the real legend was born the first time he picked up a camera and started shooting photos of the forefathers of our sport. Dano’s photography career spanned decades while he worked with and moulded some of the biggest names to grace a board.

Dano, Mt. Bachelor, 1992

He went on to work for some prominent brands and then start his own design firm. Then along came his old pal, Jon Roth. Shooting from the hip as he does, he convinced Dano that “there’s no better time to start your own thing.” Roth had a firework-esque snowboard career that led him down a long road to where he is today; owning Crows Nest Barbershop, a multi-door traditional barbershop brand with locations across Canada and in Hawaii.

It seemed that the timing was right for these two old friends to push out a boat, all they needed was some glue to hold it all together. Enter Dr. Duff.

Kimberly Duff was hot off the heels of a decade of consulting for international shipping brands and wanted to apply her talents to a project a little closer to home. Lucky for Jon and Dano, she happens to be married to one of them.

“Sidechannel is a brand that brings two of our favourite things together; fishing and the mountains. Dano and I both grew up in the rivers and on the slopes and thought there has to be a way to marry the two?” –Jon Roth

They landed on doing a mid-layer garment called “The OV” that is fashioned after a pair of traditional workwear overalls. That’s right, overalls for under your snow pants and fishing waders, plus it is street fresh and looks good anywhere. There are a host of technical features and they are made right here in Canada.

“No one has been able to crack the code making mid-layer look cool until now. We wanted a technical piece that didn’t give up performance for aesthetics but also didn’t abandon style for functionality. So we did both” –Jon Roth

Sidechannel is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign, so go support a snowboard legend, the great doctor, and the self-proclaimed laziest “pro” to date!

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