Here we go again! The 2018 Baked Salmon at Mt. Seymour is set. Registration opens February 10th @ 12 noon. Race day is March 17th.

Cost $20 | All proceeds going towards Parkinson’s Disease Research #bakedsalmon3


The Baked Salmon Banked Slalom, a bit of a tongue twister to say, even to type for that matter.  Although what it is, isn’t complicated at all. A two-year-old annual event that has already garnered accolades from boarders near and far. A play on words, the title derives itself from local glove company, Salmon Arms. Scott Fierbach, Tony Lefroy, David Birnie, Jeff Keenan, and Nic Heringa all put in countless hours organizing the event each year.

A banked slalom is an individually timed race where each snowboarder gets their chance to ride through the custom course full of large banked turns. The format leaves a lot of time waiting for your turn, but this creates a unique atmosphere where an unusually large number of friends get to hang out in the same spot on the mountain. Last year, the Baked Salmon sidelines included: a beer garden, a barbecue, a mini jump, handrails, and the best hecklers in the game. The day seems to pass by faster than the run itself.

Mt. Seymour has been the event location, but it’s more than just the host mountain. Mt. Seymour has been home to some of the top Canadian boarders for the past three decades with no sign of slowing down. It has a healthy culture of local snow surfers young and old alike that all play a key role in bringing in a huge turnout for events like this.

Supported by Mt. Seymour, Salmon Arms, DWD, Airblaster, Capita, Swix, Union, Coal, Cariboo, Baro, and us at King Snow, it has solidified itself along fellow Banked Slaloms like the Neil Edgeworth at Big White, and the Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. Here’s hoping it stands the test of time like the aforementioned, because it’s one hell of a good time. –Rob Lemay

 [o] Rob Lemay

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