It's different from any other snowboard event you've been to, but putting your finger on the one thing that makes it special is difficult. And it is... special. There’s an energy that exists at the US Open that’s like no other. Compare it to the X Games—the X is a TV show, produced for your living room, which is literally the best seat in the house. Don’t bother showing up live, pulling the curtain back will only disappoint. While the US Open was made to experience live. Like how your parents talk about the Rolling Stones. You gotta be there. To see the banners wave a bold-but-true statement: US Open The World’s Greatest Snowboarding Event. The USO is turning 36. That’s effed up. Well on it’s way to 40. Mind (pause) blown. Don't let its responsible age fool you. USO can still party like a Millennial at midnight.

What you’re in for...

Anything you want, really. Start your aprés at 11 a.m. Take in an ear-shattering number of free concerts. Stalk your favourite riders. Rip park laps with your heroes while they practice up. Tap Mark McMorris on the shoulder, get him in your story. Shake hands with Jake Burton, thank him for everything he’s done for snowboarding. Stack bags of free sample shit. Watch Iouri “iPod” Podladtchikov and Shaun White share a pizza at the top of the pipe before dropping into their final runs (true story). Join the groms in the slope corral waving oversized cutouts of Mikey Ciccarelli’s head and fan-out on his style. Get lost in over 5,000 acres of rideable Vail mountain terrain. Witness firsthand the gravitational presence of Burton’s controversial power couple, Anne-Marie and Greg Dacyshyn. Poach the pipe during the finals, really, go for it, they’ll let you rip a 22-foot monster in front of thousands*

There’s more; either you find out for yourself or you don’t. Put it on your bucket list and make it happen. No need to jump in the time machine, the USO is still rock and roll in 2018.

*minimal experience required

2018 Burton US Open

March 5–10, 2018 @ Vail Colorado FULL EVENT SCHEDULE 


Danny Davis, Switch Method, Vail, Colorado. [o] Crispin Cannon

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