Cab 360, Switch 50-50, Half Cab, Quebec City, QC. [o] Renrob

“I have one setup that feels good for every type of riding. I don't change it up for different terrain. It needs to feel good and look good. I like it when my nose and tail don't have too much graphic. It looks cleaner. I’ll wax my board almost every day but I don’t ride with any edges. And for some reason, I always wear two pairs of socks when breaking in my boots. It just feels good."

Nitro | Team, 155

“This is the best all-around board for me. I can shred park, powder and street with it. The Team model is best-suited for park riders from amateurs to pro level.”

Nitro | Team Binding

“These bindings are really comfy, strong and light. They're not too stiff, not too soft. Perfect for advanced riders or weekend park riders.”

Nitro | Club Boa

“A comfy boot that looks good. And they are not bulky if you have bigger feet. I would normally run laces but now I’m a big fan of Boa. Perfect for all riders and any style of riding.”

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