686 'Atlas' Premiere + The Boardroom 35th Anniversary | Photo Recap

The Boardroom played all the greatest hits to celebrate 35 years in the biz, owning the Vancouver scene since 1987. Old heads, pro-shreds, sales reps, and staff from the fringes showed up to get down with 686's street-cinema-opus from master filmmaker Colton Feldman. Atlas features the powerhouse quartet of Tommy Gesme, Forest Bailey, Darrah Reid-McLean and Riley Nickerson. The film pulls no punches and delivers blow after blow of straight A-grade footage on a collection of the most desirable street spots we have ever seen. 

Legendary Boardroom owner Murray Fraser and company pulled out the red cups and carpet - it was a hell of a party. From Wildcats to Manboys, DOPE heads to Seymour locs, the sea-to-sky showed up to celebrate both Boardroom and 686. After last nights festivities, we're all moving a bit slower than usual. The quick takeaway: 35 Years of Boardroom is legit. 686's Atlas goes straight for the throat. The snowboard scene in Vancouver is dope. If you missed it, kickstart your retroactive FOMO and cruise through the following selection of photographs. 

Atlas drops for the masses on November 13th. Be prepared. 

Squad pulled up! Pat McCarthy, Riley Nickerson, Darrah Reid-McLean, Tommy Gesme and Forest Bailey. Fresh facade in the back looking proper as ever. 

Murray Fraser (right) addressing a full house. 

Another one of the crowd - great turn out. 

The MC of the night, FnRad Podcast. 

Darrah on the mic, letting 'em know.

Time to kick off Atlas. Full volume, obviously. 

D-unit going in. This is the one and only leak we will be sharing from the flick. Guess you'll just have to watch the video on November 13th! 

One of these three means trouble. We will let you figure that one out. Kody Yarosloski, Matt Belzile, and Jody Wachniak in attendance. 

Thanks for hosting us, The Boardroom, and congratulations on 35 years. 

Big shoutout to 686 for bringing a stellar squad up to Vancouver to show Atlas

Truck stuff. Perfect spot for some post-premiere hangs. Until next time!

[o] Jesse Fox + Dustin Adams

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