A Cleaner Connection | K2 Snowboarding

K2 approached their new binding collection with an emphasis on progressive thinking, shifting their focus towards developing a top-notch product that has a smaller environmental impact than a traditional snowboard binding. Recycled materials rise to the occasion to construct the highbacks, ankle straps, toe straps, ratchets, and more. The result -  a great binding that totes an impressive reduction to K2's carbon footprint. 

The whole team rides these bindings, so you know they've gotta have something going for them. The following photos highlight brief moments from a selection of K2 team riders over the past winter, putting the new binding collection to the ultimate test. 

Kennedi Deck, Tailpress Bs 180, firmly attached to the board by the Network binding. Shot in Iceland by Marc O'Malley.

Parker Szumowski tweaking a stalefish with the Edition, shot by Ian Boll. 

Aito Ito, Melon into bank on the Bond binding. Shot on location in Japan by Marc O'Malley.

To find out more about the other offerings in this extensive environmentally-conscious collection, please head to https://k2snow.com/en-ca/connection.

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