The second annual Afford to Board rail jam took place this past Saturday January 19th 2019 on Mt. Seymour. Dan Rebstein is the brainchild behind the event that helps raise money and collect snowboard gear for the nonprofit organization Youth Unlimited out of Vancouver, BC. They help bring youth to the mountain that couldn’t otherwise and often who have never been before. The focus of the event is the Youth Unlimited charity and getting the kids on the mountain. There was no winners for the rail jam this year, they just raffled off some prizes at the afterparty. 

Great work by everyone involved. Last I heard the tally was a full size van full of everything needed to shred, plus over 40 new or used snowboards, and almost $2,000 in cash. Please go to if you’d like to donate. 

Event Sponsors: Coastal Riders, The Boardroom, Cariboo, Salmon Arms, Honey Doughnuts & Goodies, BN3TH, Freybe’s, Fix Bindings, Beaver Wax, Baro, Ashbury, KNWN, Vancouver Premier Contracting. 

P.S. Rumour has it, local legend Devun Walsh dropped off a truck full of old gear and boards that snowboard collectors would love to go through.

[o] Rob Lemay Photos

Sam Watson
Russell Lee
Mt. Donation
Graham & Shannon Goertzen w/Youth Unlimited
Edwin Poulston
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