Arbor Snowboard’s Cosa Nostra World Tour continued last week with a debaucherous celebration of snowboarding and drinking hosted by Trh Bar in Montreal. If you’ve never been here before, Trh Bar is a graffiti-filled watering hole in downtown Montreal that has integrated a full-sized skate bowl in-between its two full-service bars. Fun fact about Trh Bar..its co-owner also happens to be one of the most influential faces in recent Canadian snowboarding history, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin…also known as LNP. Arbor Pro Team riders Frank April and Charles Reid, alongside Arbor’s Marketing Director, Sean Black showed up to present Arbor’s first full-length team video, hand out Arbor swag and get the stoke catalyzed for the coming winter.

Doors opened at 9 PM and the venue immediately started to fill with Montreal’s snowboard community. The incredibly welcoming staff of Trh Bar provided ample drinks to get the crowd hyped up for the video and loosen up some vocal chords to keep the crowd screaming throughout the video.

The video did not disappoint, with outstanding parts from provincial Quebecois locals, Marie-France Roy, Frank April, and Charles Reid. Unknown to most attendees, Charles Reid started riding Arbor snowboards last winter and was just added to the pro team after filming the ender in Cosa Nostra. We would highly suggest downloading the full film from iTunes to check out some of the shots these guys bagged last season. Charles had some insane shots, including a cab double underflip on Hurley Gap in Whistler. Frank’s part was full of hilarious antics and heavy street snowboarding and Marie’s part makes you want to drop everything, quit your job, buy a new split board and head into the mountains for the winter. We highly recommend downloading the full video which can be purchased on iTunes and other streaming services by clicking:

After the video finished, Frank April took the mic, whipped off his shirt and whipped the crowd into a frenzy by giving away an Arbor Sin Nombre snowboard along with a bunch of other swag from Arbor Snowboards and Arbor Skateboards. After the raffle was finished, DJ Tommy Kruise took it up another notch and crushed the turntables into the wee hours of the morning. All in all it was a great night for snowboarding and everyone left with a renewed anticipation for snowboard season.

You can check out the full Arbor Snowboards line up at:

And download Cosa Nostra, Arbor’s first full-length team video, by clicking here:

Photos by Eric Lamothe

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