The first licensing partner of Burton's new Step On technology is DC. This opens a world of possibilitys for the future of Step On. Read below.

Burton Announces First Step On® Licensing Agreement with DC Shoes Inc.

Burlington, VT (January 30, 2019) Today, Burton officially announced that it will license its revolutionary Step On® technology to DC Shoes, which will become the first brand outside of Burton to create boots that are compatible with Step On bindings. The DC Step On boots will be available to consumers in the fall of 2020.

“Over six years ago, Burton set off on an intensive R&D mission to design a comfort and performance-based boot/binding system that allows a rider to easily step into and out of bindings without the need for conventional straps/buckles,” said Chris Cunningham, SVP of Product at Burton. “Now, Step On has been available for over a year, and we continue to see impressive demand. The next chapter for Step On is making this groundbreaking technology available to other brands in the industry to help spur growth in the sport of snowboarding. Ultimately, we’d like to see Step On become the standard platform that all non-strap-based boot/binding interfaces are based on, regardless of brand. And we’re really happy that DC will become the first brand to license Step On technology so that riders who prefer DC boots can also benefit from the convenience and performance of Burton Step On bindings.”

Development plans for DC’s first Step On boots are currently underway for both men’s and women’s styles, which will be available to purchase in the fall of 2020. The DC Step On boots will utilize their own upper design, materials, closure and fit. In order to ensure seamless compatibility with all of Burton’s Step On binding models, DC boots will be built using Burton’s proprietary Step On boot interface. DC Step On boots will be available at the same global retailers as Burton Step On bindings so riders can easily purchase the boot and binding combination they prefer.

“DC was founded on challenging the status quo, and it’s only natural DC would partner with Burton on a revolutionary product that aligns with our brand’s progressive ideals,” said Bobby Meeks, Global Snowboarding Marketing Director at DC. “The new Step On system enhances a snowboarder’s overall riding experience and we’re hyped to be the first brand to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Less time getting ready means more time getting rad, and we’re down for that.”

Burton looks forward to working with additional brands down the road to ensure riders have as many boot choices as possible that are seamlessly compatible with Burton Step On bindings. By offering other brands the opportunity to access this proprietary technology that took over four years to develop, Burton’s goal is that more riders will have the chance to experience the ease and performance of Step On.

For more information on Burton Step On, check out additional tech details here

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