New logo, new hashtag, Canada Snowboard is ready for it's the biggest season yet. Visit their new site, Read the press release below. #OURSUMMIT

Canada Snowboard Unveils New Brand & Logo 

New brand will encompass all facets of the organization

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Vancouver, BC - Canada Snowboard, governing body for competitive snowboarding in Canada, is pleased to unveil their new brand. This rebrand is the result of an extensive ten month process where Canada Snowboard staff worked closely with its athletes, members, industry leaders, and the experts at the Hulse & Durrell design firm to create a distinctly Canadian mark that truly represents snowboarding from coast to coast. 
"Our rebrand is a strategic undertaking that our staff and the team at Hulse & Durrell have been working diligently on for the better part of a year. We wanted an inclusive approach to produce a cutting edge brand that will help transform our recognition in the sport landscape", said Patrick Jarvis, Executive Director of Canada Snowboard.
The result is a logo that illustrates where Canada Snowboard and its riders are from, and the place in which they prosper. A mountain, the canvas on which snowboarders use to paint in anyway they see fit. The maple leaf, this nation, what makes Canadians distinct from the rest of the world. A black diamond, the most difficult path, the symbol of the highest level of achievement in snow sports.
"We couldn’t communicate snowboarding with an icon, which is often how we approach bilingual sports federations so this brand presented a unique and exciting challenge. Snowboarding draws influences from such an insane range of times and places; our aim was to create a lasting core while allowing for maximum play. " said Ben Hulse, partner at Hulse & Durrell.
From its conception the strategy was simple, conduct an open process that allowed for input and involvement. From athletes to coaches, to industry influencers, staff to board members, Sport Canada to the Canadian Olympic committee; Canada Snowboard partners were at the forefront of this new brand.

“I love the new logo! While keeping it simple, it represents Canada as well as our sport and its lifestyle. It represents a new beginning and I will wear it proudly”. - Sébastien Beaulieu, Alpine Snowboarding National team.
"It's so awesome to wear a logo that the riders got to help create. Super stoked to represent Canada Snowboard at home and around the world". - Zoe Bergermann, Snowboardcross National team.
"It's an exciting year at Canada Snowboard. Being a member of Canada Snowboard since 2011 I am happy to see this rebrand happen and think between the new staff and goals we have set, we have an exciting few months ahead of us". - John Leslie, Para-snowboard National team.
"With our riders once again taking on the world’s best this season, we felt the timing was right to launch our new brand that honors our heritage, reflects our present, and definitely speaks to our future”, added Jarvis. “We’re proud to have something that represents our riders, our Provincial and Territorial Snowboard Associations, and Canadian snowboarders from coast to coast”.
Phase 2 of the rebrand will launch in the Spring of 2018. This phase will encompass the Provincial and Territorial Snowboard association system. These logos will not only align with the new Canada Snowboard brand, but will highlight either a landscape, animal or landmark unique to each province/territory. This new system will showcase the diversity of Canada as well as the sport. This is a sentiment echoed by Canada Snowboard Chairman of the board Tyler King.
"We’re privileged to have one of the best snowboard teams in the world, and the new brand reflects the values we find in our organization and our riders. We’re excited to have all our programs and events unified under one umbrella and to continue our work in aligning our system organization wide " said King. "I’m looking forward to phase 2 in the spring when we will showcase our Provincal and Territorial Snowboard Associations’ new brands and I commend them on all the hard work they’ve put into this process".
Make sure to visit Canada Snowboard’s social media channels and website for more information on the rebrand launch and to view our all new rebrand video.
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