DC Hit & Run

The third and final stop for this year's DC Hit & Run wrapped up in Whistler this past weekend. It had something for everyone, from high flying big banked turns, giant canons to launch off, and mandatory big boy airs off the hip and at least a couple hits in the pipe. With a ballpark of around 100 riders ranging from little grommets to legendary DC riders Iikka and Devun, one can't help but be impressed by the organization on behalf of DC snowboarding and the events crew from Whistler Blackcomb. Mother Nature did play her part, somewhat. There was lots of sun, but not without a few freak snow storms and socked in cloudy moments.

Congratulations to the big winners Mikey Ciccarelli, Brooke Voight, and Jadyn Chomlack. See you all next year. 

Text and Photos by Rob Lemay

Mikey podium dc hit run 2017

Mikey celebrating solo for 1st place and best trick!

Mikey melon hip dc hit run 2017

Mikey Ciccarelli Melon Grab

Derek method hip dc hit run 2017

Derek Molinksi crushing a method.

Iika   devun dc hit run 2017

Devun Walsh & Iika Backstrom just chilling out, eating ice cream and watching the action. 

J phillips dc hit run 2017

J Phillips power carving his way though the pipe section of the course.

Phil fournier re edit method hip dc hit run 2017

Phil Fournier bad ass method before entering the pipe section.

Bobby meeks megaphone dc hit run 2017

Bobby Meeks on the mic!

Ryan manning stale gold posts dc hit run 2017

3rd Place Ryan Manning styling out a stalefish.

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