As of this past Friday, the 13th Alex Stathis is officially a professional snowboarder, or “pro as fuck”. The Sea to Sky area is commonplace for movie premier parties this time of year, but rarely do we get a snowboard release party, and what a party it was. The place was packed inside and out. Mags99 in Squamish is an amazing Fried Chicken & Mexican Cantina that hosted the party of the season.
Dope Industry Snowboards David Brocklebank organized it all in honor of giving Al his first pro-model board. There was live music, beer, tacos, and around 200 snowboarders from Vancouver, Whistler, Pemberton, and naturally Al’s home base Port Coquitlam.
Brockle asked Al’s childhood friend Dylan Sheidow to be the one to bring Al his new snowboard. Dylan even waited out in his car for a couple hours before he made his entrance and delivered the Dope goods during the height of festivities. Congrats to Stathis on going pro! We’re all looking forward to seeing more of your snowboarding. Get a glimpse of the chaos through our photo recap. - Rob Lemay

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