'dorothy' | A Brief Chat with Kennedi Deck

Kennedi Deck is a national treasure. From Grand Prairie to the world, they've built up an impressive list of accolades over the years. With a history of standout footage, the bar has been set high, and Kennedi doesn't shy away from the challenge to stay on an upward trajectory. The latest film from Kennedi, titled 'dorothy' (you'll have to do some digging to find out the meaning behind the name) is a beautiful testament to how surrounding yourself with the right people can lead to wonderful things. Shoulder to shoulder with fellow rider Emma Crosby and lensman Bryden Bowley, the video has amazing spots, a unique soundtrack, and an vibe that makes you feel good inside. 

Cover Photo: Marc O'Malley
Collage: Emma Crosby

Some notable comments from YouTube accurately sum up how everyone is feeling about 'dorothy';

"Roof to rail and creeper overlord: Kenny Deck, unreal performance 👏 🔥"
"I haven't watched the video but based on the first 10 seconds I can already tell it is very good."
"S rail! & those enderfaces are priceless"

Barely a week out from the release of 'dorothy', we hit Kennedi up to hear about the filming process, their relationship with Kuzyk, their favourite trick from the video, and more. 

How was this project different from others you've worked on? What were some of the highlights? 

Emma and I were really leading the charge on all fronts - funding, trip planning, tour planning, everything. I had a bit of experience with that before but every project is different. A highlight would have to be our insane trip to Iceland. Besides the fact that it was only light out for 3 hours everyday. We lucked out with amazing weather which doesn't happen there, super good snow, epic crew (Emma, Bryden Jake and Marc), and to cap it off, we got insane northern lights every night.

You've been steadily putting out footage, year after year. What makes filming a part easier or more challenging as time goes on? 

I think it's a good mix of both. Every year, or even every spot, you learn some new do’s and don’ts or learn some new techniques [laughs]I think the challenge for me is to continue to push myself - better tricks, different spots, and whatnot.

Notably, you diverged from your norm of 100 percent street footage to get a few tasteful powder clips in the mix. How was that experience? Can we expect to see more of that from you in the future? 

[laughs] I wouldn't call them tasteful. But I'm learning. It was awesome to get on the mountain and try to do some filming. I'm pretty green and have a lot to learn, but I'm looking forward to keep trying.

It seems like you have a great relationship with Jake (Kuzyk), and you always seem to get great clips filming with him. How/why do you two work so well together? 

Ya, Jake is the best. Obviously, I draw a lot of inspiration from him. He is soooo good at what he does, so it has been huge getting to learn from him. I think we share a lot of the same ideas about things, so I feel like we are often on the same page, which makes it easy to work together. I like to hope I bring some good stuff to our friendship table too [laughs].

Where did 'Dorothy' clock in compared to your expectations before you went into filming it? Are you happy with the outcome? The response? 

Yes, I'm super happy with how things come together. Definitely had high expectations of ourselves, so it's always hard to be completely satisfied. But overall I'm proud of the video we made, I think all 3 of us (Bryden, Emma, and myself) all went through our fair share of ups and downs during the season. We all put in some blood sweat and tears so it feels good to have something sort of tangible at the end of it all. Then not to mention it's been getting really well received and people seem to be super hyped, so that's all you can really ask for.

Do you have a favourite clip or section of the video? If so, why? 

My favourite clip is Savannah's indy grab. It's so genuine and awesome. It's so much more than just a trick and I love that.

You just wrapped up an epic international premiere tour. Do you have a favourite moment from the experience that you'd like to share? 

That tour was so much fun. It was so great to get to meet and hang with all the euro folks that we never get to see. I think a stand-out moment would have to be our first day in Zurich when Gain Sutter took us on the train back to his hometown area and we went swimming in the epic lake and had a fancy dinner under the banging church bells.

Thanks, Kennedi. Any final words?

Just wanted to give a big shout to everyone who help out with the video this year. Big ups to Vans, K2, Salomon, Fat Tire, and Autumn. 

Be sure to tune in and watch 'dorothy' if you haven't already - we promise you it'll be well worth it. 

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