Hail the Rail III went down yesterday (March 7th) at Mt. Seymour. Brought to you by Timebomb, Mt. Seymour, Thirtytwo, Dragon, Stance, and Sandbox, it was another excellent gathering of snowboard culture. The weather was beautiful. There was fresh snow. And good times were most definitely had. Thanks to Matt Heneghan, Tyler Holm, and Garret Louie for bringing everyone together. This is not a contest, it's simply more of a community gathering. The structure, if you can call it that, is more mob driven. Everyone rides together.

In lieu of a traditional contest format, Timebomb donated $400 on Behalf of the MVP Bryan Bowler to the Russ Lee Recovery fund. Russ Lee, you were missed out there brother! Heal up strong. We're all thinking of you.

Anyone wanting to donate to help Russ during his recovery, please click here.

BY ROB LEMAY | @_lemay

Poster Art by Jesse Williams
Marty from the top ropes.
Marty getting after it.
Lucio Front Blunt.
Nic Heringa product testing.
Dmo little love tap.
Brooks, rail killa.
The elusive Jeff Keenan.
All hail Heneghan.
Will is dope.
Troy, Mr. moving pictures.
Gavin Sorg trying to eat lunch.
Not a contest, but your top three standouts are:
1st Bryan Bowler
2nd Gavin Sorg
3rd Brock Bohner
Keenan and rails?
We love you RUSS.
"The Baked Salmon is next weekend?!" -Kody69
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