Interlude Snowboard Show 2024 | Recap + Gallery

For the past few years, we've heard great things about Interlude's Community and Snow Show. What is it you ask? Its purpose is two-fold. To celebrate the industry's shared love for riding with the community. And to get eyes and rides on the new products available for the 24/25 season. They describe it as: "The best brands, retailers, and media partners in Snowboarding. The best minds, riders, movers, and shakers in Snowboarding - all in a focused and experiential environment for 3-days of quality shared experience." And that it was.
Here's a glimpse of what we saw and, a sneak peek of the future.

Vans' collection features more development into the MTE streetwear collection and a proper outerwear kit. 
MTE for the people.

 Big news from Low Pressure studios and YES. Both Lobster Snowboards and Now Bindings will become YES products. They now offer a very diverse and streamlined collection all branded as YES. Fridge, Haldor, and Dustin Craven are teammates, and YES bindings are built on the R&D of JF Pelchat and his SkateTech technology.  

New line up of Now, ahem, YES bindings.
The legend Joe Sexton and the 2024/25 Public Snowboards collection. Great shapes, rad graphics, and boards that rip.
A small sample of the clean and concise Rome Snowboards offering. New developments from Sale and Rene are in the mix. 
Rome is low-key making some of the best bindings on the market. Crazy comfortable and ultra-customizable.
Nitro Slash Split from the Quiver series. Alongside, a nice blue L1 Theorem kit. 
A cool space with lots of snowboarder art on display.
Ben Poechman's work in the mix and representing alongside the many talented contributors.
On-hill look at the new looks for the Blossom, Cartographer, 3D Fish and Family Tree collection. 
The new Burton Process is with more exotic animals and looking fierce.
Nidecker is making moves with a new freestyle forward collection. We've been told to expect new team rider additions soon, and there are some Canadian names in the mix. 
A new and surfy addition to the Vans boot line next to the new looks for the Hi-Country & Hellbound and Jill Perkins models.
Ride showing up with Blake Paul's new rid of choice the Deep Fake. And the stunning and new Moderator. 
Mervin always bringing the good vibes. New looks for the retro Rad Ripper and the T. Rice Pro.
Nitro's Quiver Collection still looks sexy, even when it's standing in the mud.
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