Kael Hill

Being that it’s an election year here in the states, there’s been plenty of talk from the plethora of candidates about a variety of pertinent and not-so-pertinent issues as each individual attempts to persuade us to favor them. Climate change has come up here and there, though far less than building a wall to prevent immigration, it seems. While the political incumbents battle each other on stage, on CNN and in our Facebook newsfeeds, our neighbors to the north have taken action. Well, one neighbor to be exact. Kael Hill, the mysterious maestro of mind-boggling maneuvers is taking a stand, letting it be known that a lack of precipitation has no effect on how, what, and where he rides his snowboard. While many edits, videos, movies, and full parts require substantial amounts of white stuff in order to proffer trickery, Kael has no problem putting ptex to pavement when it’s fully dry. Fed up with the current climate in Calgary, Kael picked up a new deck and headed into the city with filmer Robert Bishop to stack. Because it’s February. So sit back and enjoy Kael’s X Games Real No Snow 2016 Boardkour Trials Full Part All NBD Filmed in One Day

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