Check in with NOW Binding’s JF Pelchat to talk about the never-seen-before tech they’re releasing to the masses this winter—the new kingpin tool-less—which allows you to swap your bindings from pow board to freestyle without the use of a screwdriver.

Hey JF… tell us, what is kingpin tool-less tech. How does it work? 

Sure! So with the unique way that the NOW bindings are built (we have two kingpins on each side of the binding), in order to remove both of the kingpins, you needed two Allen keys. Now, with the kingpin tool-less, everything is done by hand and it allows you to remove your hanger (binding frame) from your board while keeping the post/mounting discs (base plate) on the board. In doing so, your stance and angles always stays with the board. So everytime you mount your hanger over the post, you don’t need to check for binding angles and/or stance width.

What made you decided to offer this new tech? 

It was the natural course of evolution of SKATE-TECH. I am always testing and changing parts, so I quickly realized that there was an opportunity to build the most customizable and practical binding out there.

What are some of the benefits with kingpin tool-less tech? 

Easier customization of your bindings, like swapping your bushings on the spot. It’s really convenient for when you travel or want to swap your bindings between boards. It allows you to have multiple boards and one or two sets of bindings. It’s easy. It’s fast, and it’s a tool-less.

What has been the feedback from your team so far with the new kingpin tool-less tech?

The response has been very positive and exciting. They are amazed by it functionality and convenience.

Is this going to be applied to all of your binding for 2018?

If not, which bindings will have it? The Select Pro, Recon and YES collab are all fitted with it. We will also have a kingpin tool-less kit available for retail and online sales, so anyone that has a set of NOW bindings can retrofit their bindings. Although, some prior year’s binding models are not compatible, so check the website.

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