Woah. Oakley week, you rule. For anyone lucky enough to be in Whistler last week, you may have caught a taste of the awesomeness that was. There was something for everyone to enjoy, with free goggle demos all week, plus a daily golden ticket treasure hunt to win your own pair. Oakley had a mob-run with the pros that anyone could join, and a free banked slalom event! They also like to spoil their riders and treated a huge crew to a day of cat-boarding from Powder Mountain. Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse of it all. Check out #OAKLEYWEEK for more.

Craig McMorris laying it out.
Jamie Anderson navigating fresh pow.
Stale Sandbech always in full send.
Jamie Anderson and fresh lines.
Jamie Anderson kicking up some snow.
Hailey Langland taking a break from competition.
Stephanie Stipac all smiles.
Sean Pettit officially a skier no more.
Chad Chomlack is a weapon with a camera and a board.
Rusty Ockenden likes fresh snow.
Stale likes free beer and quesadillas.
Stale, Hailey, and Caley enjoying Après.
Rusty likes me, at least I think he does.
Rusty definitely likes OAKLEY week.
And Rusty likes the camera.
Grom on his way to the podium.
Caley on her way to top spot.
Scot Brown is faster than everyone.
"I like to go fast" -Scot Brown
Happy and fast girls.
The future is bright.
Caley with the big W.
Thank you OAKLEY.
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