Rock A Rail

Only when every rider, spectator, visitor, announcer, media, sponsor and volunteer say every year that this is the best snowboard event ever for 5 years in a row, you know that you got something special at hand.

In a storm of rain, hail, and happy hardcore snowboarders from all over the world threw down some of the most consistent and original snowboarding ever seen on a contest setup.


1. Jesse Paul (USA)

2. Kevin Trammer (BE)

3. Zak Hale (USA)

Best Trick: Denis Leontyev (RUS)

Crowd Pleasers: Ethan Morgan (GER) and Cees Wille (NL)


1. Rachida Aoulad (NL)

2. Ivika Jürgenson (EST)

3. Pili de la Cruz (ES)

riders: Jesse Paul, Kevin Trammer, Zak Hale, Denis Leontyev, Ethan Morgan, Cees Wille, Ted Borland, Max Warbington, Jeremy Cloutier, Erik Karlsson, Zebbe Landmark, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Rene Rinnekangas, Dion Janse, Steve Grumser, Kalle Järvilehto, Jesse Augustinus, Max Zebe, Jessi Blackwell, Ludde Lejkner, Bob van Unnik, Mario Prestel, Artem Smolin, Roel van Oosterhout, Flo Corzelius, Bryan Longley Fernanz, Michi Schatz, Simon Pircher, Rachida Aoulad, Ivika Jürgenson, Pili de la Cruz, Joelle JJ Juchli, Stéphanie Kauert, Gaia Giacomazzi, Veroniqi Hanssen, Giulia Lach de Bere, Fay Beck and wild card winners; Anthony Indawood, Joshua Pires, Tatu Toivanen, Wessel van Lierop and Kasper de Zoete.

Thanks to The Hague City, Monster Energy, GNU Snowboards, GoPro Cameras, ThirtyTwo Boots, SP gadgets, NYNE Audio, The Uithof, Den Haag Topsport, (media) partners, friends and volunteers!

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