Rome SDS

Snowboarding and beer. Beer and snowboarding. It’s a timeless partnership of hops, yeast, liquid courage and good times.

This same partnership helped send an unlikely snowboard crew of Riley Nickerson, Keenan Cawley, Jasper Tripp and Ian Daley to Finland for a two-week urban assault with Toni Kerkelä last winter.

Strange Brew has spent the last three seasons stalking the United States by van, hungry for any and all rail features, as well as sometimes just plain hungry. Toni, however, has been busy stacking a hefty list of standout video parts while filming with his hometown crew KBR. Though they exist on the other side of the world, the idea of sending Strange Brew to meet Toni sounded like an interesting recipe for a unique flavor of riding. With the local Karhu barley pop surging through their systems, the boys stormed the streets of Toni’s hometown of Jyväskylä, logging late nights and early mornings.

So what happens when you take a crew of vagabond snowboarders to visit T-Kerks in Finland, stack footage and let it ferment for a couple months?

Crack a can, post up and push play to celebrate the union of snowboarding and our favorite form of a fermented malty beverage.

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