On Jan 10th, Sunshine Village, located in beautiful Banff, Alberta, was home to an elegant nine-hole, par four, SKOLF course. The course, developed by masterminds such as Airblaster, Snowboy, and Sunshine, rested at about 2750 ft above sea level and ran along the west side of the mountain, encompassing two of Sunshine Village’s most challenging terrain parks: Great Divide and Grizzly Park. For those of you who may not know, SKOLF is a lovely, tea-sipping blend of both S-K-A-T-E and golf. Developed by Airblaster in 2016/2017, this highbrow, fun-based sport is played using nine holes, also known as park features. At each hole, the competitors are given a snowboard manoeuvre that they are required to complete in as few attempts as possible. After completing the nine holes, the individual with the lowest score takes home the purse.

The competition was fierce this year. Sunshine Village hosted some of the most talented amateur SKOLFers that Alberta has to offer. But, as talented as the roster may have been, there can be only one SKOLF champion. After battling with some very difficult holes, and playing through -24 weather, Tanner Davidson boarded 15 under par, claiming 3rd place; Josh Lebrun boarded 18 under par, sneaking into second place; and, at the top of the podium was Airblaster’s own, Max Warbington, who also boarded 18 under par, but beat Josh in a game of rock, paper, scissors to claim 1st. What a day, what an event.

Words and photos by, William Fraser

Taco, walking

Front Lip to butter pad boardslide to same way 270 off wedge box

Jacob Mortensen, front lip

Josh Lebrun, tic-tac-toeing from barrel to barrel

Justin Brisson, prepping for the tic-tac-toe

Justin Brisson, trying to get a switch back 3 on the last barrel

Max Warbington, switch back 3'ing the last barrel

Manu Calvo, no comply off the barrel

Jack Whitburn, sw double boardslide 270 to sw 50-50

Taco, sw lip 270 to sw 50-50

Josh Lebrun, front board

Justin Brisson, sw back blunt 270 out

Backflip, indy

Max Warbington, back disaster

Taco, failed attempt at a back disaster

Jack Lawrence, backside 50-50




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